Anime character tournaments: Fun for you and me?

As anime fans, we all have certain shows and characters that we adore for some reason or another.  At the same time, we also seem to like sharing this adulation with other fans, which can often end up defining our relationship with these people for the rest of all time.  I’m sure there have been times where you remember being convivial when you found others echoing your sentiments, or having extremely antagonistic periods when the people you talk to just don’t see things your way.  For example, it’s hard to explain what I like about something like YKK to someone who dislikes anime of that nature, and it can be frustrating for me when a person doesn’t give the manga/anime a chance (You should. It’s pretty good. :D).  How easy one is willing to change their mindset in what they watch seems to be important in your ability to “reach” them.  😛

Real hardcore explorer.

It seems to be a staple of fan culture in general to comment and criticize passionately on what we know and favor or dislike. We feel a need to “enlighten” the masses that misunderstand or miss the point entirely, as well as one to support others that see where we come from.   It’s always amazing how heated we can be when discussing “irrelevant” things such as who we feel is the manliest character of them all. How sullen and antisocial we can become when it seems as if no-one understands or cares to understand why we like a certain character.  How we debate, plead, harangue, and persuade to try to get our point across, to get our voices heard.  Especiallyhow normally rationale people become insane, rabid amalgamations of chaos specifically for their character’s cause.  When other people realize the possibilities that channeling this apparent child-like attitude of our very being can create, and then generate a place to express it, then enjoyment will be had.  This is why I feel that enacting tournaments such as the Megatokyo Forums Anime, Manga, and Cosplay Anime Grand Prix (AGP), and SaiGar/Moe/Loli/GAO is a good idea in that aspect, albeit in a limited manner. 

For each tournament, you can only really include a certain number of characters based on certain criteria required for entry, so weare never going to get a be-all, end-all tournament between all living/non-living, animate/inanimate, meme-ish/well-developed but relative-unknowns, and so-on.   I like the efforts made by the arbitrator(s) to keep things fair and satisfying for all in these events, and the enthusiasm which the participants go through in representing their respective views   It may be silly to see people take SaiGar seriously enough to apparently cause huge factions on an imageboard, of in AGP to have people create random winning propaganda campaigns connecting a minor character from Scrapped Princess to a controversial real-life figure, but that is the point. These tournaments are on the largely anonymous Internet, which allows people to be more open about their preferences or ideas, no matter how bizarre they are, than in real life (though it helps that there are standards in place, just in case).   And they allow us to demonstrate our unique opinions while sharing a common rabid fandom of anime.  That’s what it’s all about.

Rocks harder than a boulder of immeasurable magnitude.

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