I’m Late in Joining the Lucky Star Blogwagon

Yesterday I watched the first episode of Lucky Star, and I liked it. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking or amazing, as we’ve seen the character archetypes and the concept of the show before, and probably in shows that did both better. Yet it was good fun and, despite a couple of transition problems, I felt the episode did well what it was apparently supposed to do: Show people talking about everyday, unimportant things (a.k.a slice of life, Nothing Happens. :D). I can stand people just talking for whole shows(after all, I like .hack//SIGN), so just talking about food for the first couple of minutes worked great for me. I mean, I could easily see myself doing the same thing.

I see the humor in Lucky Star when I realize that I do the same things the characters here do: have silly conversations about nothing in particular. And while that wasn’t the only type of humor shown in the first episode, it definitely was the majority overall, and I can see why people wouldn’t care for/hate that type of humor. After all, not everyone takes pleasure in the mundane. While I understood many of the criticisms that people have lobbed against the first episode, I’m surprised at how excessive it quickly got (e.g. 1/24 episodes = entire show, or KyoAni’s strange monopoly on moe) and strangely annoyed that the bashing got that far or that serious (lol serious business). I thought that first impressions weren’t everything, or something like that… :/

Yes, I’m talking to you over-the-top bashers out there. :P

One can wonder where all this vitriol I’ve seen from other bloggers has come from. I’d like to think that the reason for the hate is more than, “KyoAni sucks for making this”, but for most of the bashing, that seems to be where most of the negative comments are stemming from. This seems very strange to me, as KyoAni has been known by many as producing good adaptations, so I can’t see why one episode rubs people off the wrong way. I could only assume that the hypemobile had an integral role here.

When I first started seeing ads and posts about Lucky Star before the season began, I believe the iconic ad was the picture of Haruhi pointing in one direction and Konata pointing in another. Comparisons would become inevitable because of that, and I think we started getting pumped up because of what we saw as potential. I mean, it is Kyoto animation, who did nice jobs on FMP: Fumoffu, Air and Haruhi (and though I haven’t seen Kanon, apparently it still applies there). So since they seem to keep on churning out stuff with nice gimmicks that was enjoyed by many (the Lucky Star OP and trailer obviously is a great example), weren’t we misguided as to what the show would be about? Because of KyoAni’s reputation, did we even know what the show was about, or did we even care?

Apparently a lot of people’s reactions when seeing what Lucky Star actually was.

But I think many screwed up in thinking that Lucky Star might possibly be the second coming of Haruhi. So we were wrong, and who likes being wrong? Not only that, but what premiered was something very different from what we’ve seen from KyoAni, and this adding to not fulfilling expectations that weren’t really known in the first place seems to have made people sore. What else could cause such flaming with the first episode of Lucky Star? Out of 24. It doesn’t make sense to me.

One argument bugged me a bit more than others, and that was apparently KyoAni’s so called “reliance” on moe. I can’t understand it. I’m sure having Kanon, this and Clannad in the near future might bug some, but it’s not like three similar works typify what a company does. Besides, it’s been done before by other companies, and even in Haruhi, KyoAni mocked the reliance on it. While moe might be a draw to watch Lucky Star, it certainly doesn’t seem to be the important part of the series (1/24 again, so who knows?). To me, it’s what they do that matters, and for the moment our main foursome are living life, which is what I think we’ve all experienced at some point or another. 😛

And I think for better or for worse, episode one has taught us to not focus on hype so much. :3

True colors are shining through~

Edit: On a side note, this is awesome:

Leave any thoughts here.

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