24 Questions All About Lucky Star

Well, we’re coming up on the 24th and final episode of Lucky Star as far as we know, and it’s been interesting. They haven’t changed their formula of humor from episode 1 (which probably disappointed some fans), but if you didn’t mind that, the show was a fun watch. I guess my only gripe with the series was the fact that though we learned more about some characters, we didn’t really get to know them as more than the 1-D characters that they were at the start of the series. Exceptions include Kuroi-sensei, Misao (behold the power of the fang), and of course Kagamin.

It was a show about nothing, and yet after 23 episodes, I’m surprised that the series is almost over. It still seems like they had only just debuted the last cast of characters and we only started to get to know them. And while the humor was hit and miss and the transitions were never quite there through out the run, I wouldn’t mind watching 24 more episodes. Seriously.

That being said, it’s hard for me to find substance from this show (aside from the many references thrown out there), and it never was a show about that. So going in that vein, I feel inspired enough to throw out 24 questions with little to no substance as well, which I’m sure most of us have asked somewhere or another. Look at them if you want, answer them if you want, ask your own if you want, talk about the series if you want, etc. Not my best work, to be sure, but fun nonetheless. 😛

I wouldn’t want to be that bowl of rice right now…

  1. Why weren’t the new cast of characters introduced earlier in the series? (so much flavor added to the show)
  2. Would you trust Soujirou with your children? 😛
  3. Why doesn’t Hiyori go further in her imagination then what we see in the show? (Don’t restrain yourself!)
  4. Why haven’t Konata and Kagami finally admit their burning passion for each other? 😛
  5. In episode 5 (I think), why does depleted uranium fit into Tsukasa’s phone conversation so well?
  6. In the episode with the bath scene (episode 6?), did anyone else find weird the conversation between Tsukasa and Kagami when they were talking about their father’s “thing”?
  7. What do you think of Soujirou’s relationship with Konata (how she got to be who she is today, how he acts around her now, and so on)?
  8. What was your favorite karaoke ED theme? (For me, a toss up between Konata’s rousing CHA-LA-HEAD-CHA-LA and Miyuki’s manly Chijou no Hoshi).
  9. Did the show need more Meito Anisawa (Anime Tenchou)? (Yes. Why can’t more shop managers be like Anime Tenchou in real life? )
  10. Why was there so much shameless product placement in the show?
  11. For American fans: Does Patty’s views (which might be a reflection of what the Japanese think of American otaku) make you feel proud to be an anime fan?
  12. Why doesn’t Kuroi-sensei have a significant other yet? If she existed in real life, I’d try my damndest to fill that role. Trust. 😛
  13. Is there any significance in the flags (shown under this question) that Yutaka is holding in episode 17 during the set up to Konata’s birthday party?

    China, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Nigeria, Colombia, if I remember correctly from left to right.

  14. How often could you relate to the situations that we’re presented throughout the show, from conversations about what’s being eaten to getting attacked by deer?
  15. If Soujirou wins at life, how much does he win by?
  16. Why didn’t Lucky Channel Minoru grow a pair earlier? Would’ve saved a lot of heartbreak.
  17. Speaking of the man, did you like his live-action EDs? (I did.)
  18. What if, in a funny twist of fate, Miyuki grew up to become a dentist?
  19. Why doesn’t Ayane get mad, from what Misao said? It seems like it would be made of much hilarity.
  20. Was anyone else tired of the comparisons between Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh? Is the latter really a paragon of slice of life school comedy anime?
  21. Was 24 episodes too long or short of the show? Lucky Channel?
  22. Why did you continue watching the series? Or for people who stopped watching, why did you stop?
  23. Isn’t it sad, Kagamin?
  24. Did the homage to 24 in episode 17 need more or less Jack Bauer?

No matter what Owen says, Touhou makes everything funnier~

Also, the show needs more Yuuko Gotou. Hell, more anime does; I don’t love her like a fat kid loves cake, but still. 😛

21 Responses to “24 Questions All About Lucky Star”

  1. 1 laura romero October 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    me encantan las imagenes de lucky star que has puesto ademas la ultima pero la que esta con minami la del pelo verde la pelirroja que esta con minami tiene que tener los ojos verdes no rojos y en la ultima minami la del pelo verde que es minami la as dibujado bien.

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