Saimoe Has Left Me in Despair: Random Thoughts

Written by TheBigN

I’m bitter, so expect some ranting.

At the moment the bitterness is because Yuno lost to someone who seems to hit the right buttons for fans (for reasons I can’t/don’t want to understand), and also comes from a better known show (that’s why the system hurts sometimes: familiarity breeds votes). But then again that’s been the case for a lot of characters that have been knocked out in Saimoe. What it basically means is that I don’t understand. The concept of Saimoe itself, to find the most “moe” character, has been iffy to me. Given that the term “moe” itself is hard to define as a whole (everyone has their own opinions and such), a tournament based on it seems strange even if it is fun. And when you get down to it, it becomes less about the moe merits a character has, and more about how popular a series is in later stages are more characters go out. But this is known knowledge already.

Comtemplation isn’t a bad thing.

I get confused by the idea of moe, to be frank. I’m not the type of person to look at a character or there mannerisms and suddenly think “So moe, I’m gonna die!” And I don’t want to equate moe with things like being cute, since that’s being incredibly short-sighted about it. What makes an anime like CLANNAD moe, for example? Some people were railing on Kyoani for continuously making “moe animes” in that example, but even that seems like a strange, nonsensical statement to me. Moe seems so amorphous and arbitrary to me to even consider the validity of that statement. Obviously I’m not trying hard enough to understand it, or I just don’t get it.

So why should I be interested in this competition at all if I really know nothing about it? How do I discuss why a character should win when I don’t even know the guidelines for something like that? I’m too serious about it to be sure, otherwise I wouldn’t be annoyed by Rena winning this much. I’d like to think it’s because I want to see depth win over shallowness. I’ve seen Hidamari Sketch, and I’ve watched the first season of Higurashi, and I think that Yuno has more depth than Rena. But it this really the correct idea?

There’s more focus on Yuno throughout Hidamari than on Rena in her series, but length of time doesn’t matter, as characters like Tsuruya from Haruhi make an impact with just a couple minutes of total airtime in the entire series. Even mitigating that, I definitely see more facets to Yuno’s character compared to Rena; I feel like we get more of an insight into why things are done in the former’s case, and we see more of the actions that the latter makes without knowing the rationale for doing it, which I don’t like. Aesthetically, I find Yuno’s appearance and actions cuter than Rena’s, and that seems like an important characteristic in this tournament. Does this mean that Yuno has more depth than Rena though? Aren’t I not giving Rena enough credit as a character since I just see her as Little Miss Cleaver or USO DA despite what leads her to do these things? This is not moe, right? But then again, is it moe? Isn’t it just favoritism?

I don’t really have to think about these things (since that’s what’s causing the despair), and I probably should just roll with how the tournaments occur. But now that there aren’t any characters that I really like left, there doesn’t seem to be a good point. Then again, there wasn’t really a point to be involved in this in the first place, I guess. Other than the fact that it can make me think a little bit more about the fan culture that anime inspires. And I need something like this every once in a while. 😛

Good night sweet princess? :P

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