Impressions on Sketchbook ~full color’S~: I Still Think It’s An Awesome Title

Written by TheBigN

Maybe it’s because I like YKK so much, but I frankly wouldn’t mind having an episode of Sketchbook ~full color’S~ where Sora spends all of the time drinking tea in a state of repose.

How can you not like this?

Look at her go. I can see the double feature now: ‘Alpha Makes Coffee, and Sora Drinks Tea!’ Beautiful. 🙂

As I said the first time around, Sora is a character that goes at her own pace, and I’m willing to spend my time at that pace as well, despite what others may say about it. It was interesting to find that Sora only realized this essential fact about herself at the end of the series, yet it’s a reflection of the growth that she’s had as a character throughout the series, as subtle as it was. I’d like to think that Sora’s very nature made this easier than it could have been throughout the series. With her ability to find something so profound in “simple” things, as evidenced by the many observations and thoughts kept to herself, she and the audience learned more about the people, places and things that she interacted with. The important thing was that she always let herself take these experiences to add to and expand her world view and comfort zone from them. I was very happy when Sora allowed Minamo to take a look at her precious sketchbook (and we could see how hard it was for her to do so), when she decided to try out a camera although she was fine where she was at just sketching, and especially when she managed to introduce herself to someone she doesn’t know. Considering that she would literally shy away from even meeting strangers at the beginning of the show shows how important the change is.

This is what happens when you try to explain the Theory of Relativity to Physics newbies.

The many interesting, strange and awesome acquaintances and friends in the cast are a main reason for Sora’s growth as a person throughout Sketchbook. But based on the large cast, the show couldn’t really stay at Sora’s slow pace, but even 13 episodes was not enough time for us to get to know all of the cast. As a result, save for a few characters we get the majority in short snippets to the point that we really don’t get to know them very well, and it’s disappointing. When Sora in the last episode states her thoughts on the rest of the art club with one sentence descriptions, a couple of them left me thinking, “Well, where did that come from? I didn’t see that at all.” And that was a shame, since I really wanted to know more about the cast, or be able to have seen what Sora saw on the first try (but we’re imperfect~). In addition, while the episode focusing on the cats was enjoyable in its own right, it took away from time that could be used to expound on other characters, or at least provide us with more adventures of Sora and (human) friends.

To keep on the lack of character time train of thought, I was bugged at some of Sora’s thoughts of the others at the end since they seemingly went out of her personality, and a lot didn’t say what we and Sora supposedly learned about the others. Whether that was the result of hasty/lazy writing, I don’t know, but from the experiences that the audience and Sora have seen throughout the course of the series, statements like “Kurihara-sempai knows everything about insects” or “Kasugano-sensei is a teacher who isn’t like a teacher at all” were redundant hearing them at the end again. We could clearly see these things when we first saw the characters, so stating them again shows a lack of creativity on the writer’s part, and given what they’ve been doing with Sora throughout the series run, that’s kind of disappointing. These statements had none of the depth that we know Sora can spit out at the turn of a dime. Even though we know that Sora gained something from these meetings and encounters, that sentiment is cheapened a little by the lackluster one-sentence summaries. But that one noisome thing isn’t enough to curb the enthusiasm I had watching the series as a whole. If anything, it probably made me sympathize with Negishi’s irrational anger a little bit more.

The result of not being able to do a Utena drama club homage at all during the series.

I think what Sketchbook did a was great job highlighting, especially at the end, that yes, everyone is different. We all move at our own paces while at the same time contributing something -in the case of the show, our “colors”- to making a complete whole. From my perspective, that “whole” is probably life as we all live it, and that understanding that whole is different from person to person. Yet it’s only with interactions with other people and the ability to respect those people’s paces that we can see a full scope of living, regardless of how we all look at things differently. At the same time we must remember to add our own MOs into the mix for ourselves and for others to see, even though as demonstrated by our main character, the hard part can consist of finding our own paces to begin with. I’m of the opinion that as long as we keep going on, sooner or later we discover what makes us “us”, so I guess I’m trying to say keep on keeping on. :3

Sora’s life. :)

And this is Drastic My Anime Blog‘s 100th post.

100 GET!


6 Responses to “Impressions on Sketchbook ~full color’S~: I Still Think It’s An Awesome Title”

  1. 1 totali in class February 21, 2008 at 8:24 am


    Hmm, I kind of agree but I kind of don’t. I didn’t think the use of characters was bad at all. They successfully represented that everyone was different, and isn’t that how it is in life? It’s just a given that people have different personalities. Sora’s inner thoughts were just reflective, and I thought it was fine.

    Sora’s slow development was awesome till the end was amazing, but I do agree that there could be more. A second season would be lovely if it was done, because I would never get tired of this.

  2. 2 TheBigN February 21, 2008 at 8:26 am

    I wasn’t saying that the use of characters were bad. I’m just saying there wasn’t enough time. Which is why I would also like a second season. 😛

  3. 3 concretebadger February 24, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    You’ve just spurred me into tracking down the eps for this show, since I never saw them listed in the usual places so didn’t follow it as it was broadcast. Looking at the review here, it looks like something I’d enjoy. Congrats on the 100th post BTW ^_^

  4. 4 mrmayat March 2, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Ah, the series that almost dethroned Hidamari Sketch from my POV. By having a large, diverse cast, it’s simply asking for a new season. If ARIA can manage 3 seasons, so can these 2 gems of a show.

    On another note, Sora’s hesitating groans when calling out to her classmates at the end of the series sounds strangely arousing. Excuse me while I take a cold shower…

  5. 5 klokei March 9, 2008 at 12:41 am

    I didn’t think the characters were left without spotlight, it was interesting to see they’re devolopment and interaction trough the series, and if they din’t have more screen time it was for a good reason (I would say because it’s not the point of the show in the end). On the other hand, I personally found the episode of the talking cats hilarious and pretty unique^^

  6. 6 TheBigN March 10, 2008 at 8:25 am

    concretebadger: Thanks and hopefully you find good times with this show.

    mrmayat: Not that you mention it, I need a cold shower myself… X(

    klokei: The cat episode was really fun stuff, I agree, but others did complain that it was a large change of pace from what was shown before and after in the show. There might be a reason as to why there was little time for some characters, but I think most of them are engaging enough to warrant more time. Oh well.

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