I Am A Happy Sunshine Camper, I Am

Written by TheBigN(andeyanen?!?)

So I recieved this in the mail yesterday (Thank you Yen Press, especially with the Bamboo Blade manga coming in the next year or so. :D):

Thank you Yen Press!

And upon recieving it, I promptly felt like this:

And no, I won’t stop linking this video. Cause I can’t stop.

Yet while I have enjoyed what I read of the manga so far (since I’m an easily amused person), I love the anime version much more, as Shinbo, SHAFT, some composer, and the wonderful voice actors for Yuno, Miyako, Sae and Hiro made that version magical. And seeing that these people, as well as a couple of new faces, will be back for Hidamari Sketch x 365 makes me a happy N.

One thing I do wonder is if the “direction” of the show will change from what worked from the first season. What I mean by that exactly is “What will Shinbo/SHAFT do?” in terms of execution this time around. For a SHAFT work, based on some of their recent stuff, you could consider the adaptation of Hidamari Sketch as one of the more “tamer” works from them. You can definitely tell that they had a hand with the show from the visual non sequiturs (if you could say that) and some random shots, concepts and stationary, but the presence was a little subdued, save for some random moments here and there and almost all of episode 5 (Yuno’s sick day). In one way, I would welcome more of that “experimentation” (I want to call it something other than crazy randomness) that SHAFT can bring to the table, but on the other, I kind of worry that if that takes place, we could have something like another Negima!? on our hands, where what the studio tried to do was interesting, but didn’t seem to go anywhere concrete or sensible. Granted, this could all just be some needless worrying (especially when a show like Hidamari Sketch doesn’t really “go” anywhere in the first place. :3) but with a couple of weeks to go before x 365 begins, I just can’t wait for more adventures with Yuno and friends.

Especially for more Miyako. 😛

Miyako is invincible.

13 Responses to “I Am A Happy Sunshine Camper, I Am”

  1. 1 Jesus159159159 July 11, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Thanks to you and Totali’s constant fanboying (and that video with the capsule music =3), I finally watched the series, and I must say it has become one of my favorites! 😀

    I really don’t mind the Shaft antics. I’ve grown accustom to them, and actually like the whole weirdness of it all!

    There is one thing I would like to know that wasn’t specifically said in the series, but had enough hints to sort of guess… It might sound like a stupid question but… *fidgets* *looks both ways before the close is clear* IS SAE A LESBIAN?!?!?!? O_O I mean, there are all those hints, a-a-a-and she does have the short hair/flat chest/glasses combo! *ba dum psh* Unfortunately, shes at the bottom of my favorites list, with Miyako at the top =3

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