Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 2: Calling You

By TheBigN(ip This in the Bud)

Suddenly, there were cell phones! Thousands of them!… Or so my thoughts went as I watched this episode. Of course, this is coming from someone who doesn’t have a cell phone, so seeing how frequently they were used in this episode is interesting enough for me to write about (or for me to care about, as I’m sure once I get one, the initial shock and awe would wear out quickly). So, naturally, I probably don’t really know about what the hell I’m talking about here.

I wonder what Future Diary Yuno would own?

I wonder what Future Diary Yuno would own?

Anyways, Episode 2 is a nice example of demonstrating how prevalent these handheld devices have become in our lives. They become an extension of ourselves, one could say, with how we set up things from outside in like wallpapers, the rankings on your calling lists (or whatever they’re called… I’m like Miyako here. :/), the trinkets like straps and such outside of your phone (Kurenai is still in my head), the music you can listen to and the videos you can watch/record if you’re so inclined. But this expansion also comes from our decisions of exactly what we decide to text/talk about, or take pictures of, and so on, where we “need” the cell phone to do these things from its inside out.

To the far extreme, our lives could revolve specifically around the equipment, with Meru from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as a nice outlier there. But its basic use, the ability to keep in touch with others so easily to communicate with them or just to know how they’re doing, is comforting and shows off our basic human need for interaction with others. Even with things like IM running all over the place, hearing actual proof that there is a person on the other side, where we can tell things like inflections and attitudes as opposed to just reading what someone writes, just works. While I’m sure Sae would have felt the same way reading a text message from Chika, I don’t think I would have appreciated the older sister’s reactions quite as much if the younger’s voice wasn’t piping in from the other end.  I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but it feels more, I guess. :/

It tried so hard to make her smile, but alas, it fell short.

It tried so hard to make her smile, but alas, it fell short.

Speaking of our easily embarrassed bespectacled tenant, Sae’s a good example about how “family” knows and shapes us better than most.  Whether if it’s conscious or not, we do tend to behave differently with the vast majority of people outside our homes compared to inside of them. It reminds me of my times at college, where I only got seriously irritated or actually angry at someone a handful of times at most during my four years there. Yet as soon as I got home, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes for someone there to push the right buttons to seriously piss me off. At the same time, a mutual support takes place, since as a member of family, you also know your family better than most. And the “me” outside and inside are still “myself” as different sides of the same N, but when they merge, interesting things can happen.

The conversations with Chika tend to illustrate the dichotomy.  A lot of times when we see Sae interact with Chika, she seems a little more exasperated and stern with her than with her friends at the Hidamari Apartments (also reminds me of the sudden change that Sasahara had whenever he talked with his sister in Genshiken. Fun times, that). But at the same time, we see a Sae that’s gentler and kinder as well. There’s a relieved, satisfied and content smile from her when she knows that Chika is alright and doing well. Course when coupled with what we know about how guarded Sae can be most of the time, it makes for a nice intimate moment as her friends look on and see her be more open, albeit not intentionally. It also makes for a nice moment as well when she notices that said friends are looking on. Ah that steam. :3

Ah, those nice, peaceful times of yesteryear. And then the hounds came.

Ah, those nice, peaceful times of yesteryear. And then the hounds came.

I did say that future installments of this sort of thing would be shorter than the first one, though in this case the problem is due to a lack of actual thinking here. And it’s cool if you have other things that you noticed and left an impression in your mind from this episode. Though I do have to admit that it’s harder to do with this show than most. 😛

Next Episode: If It Makes You Happy

I can always dream.

I can always dream.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 2: Calling You”

  1. 1 Radiant July 21, 2008 at 11:49 am

    Cellphones are an interesting concept nowadays. Do we really absolutely need it? I can see that for yourself, you don’t. I would have to agree with you. Our lives were perfectly fine with pay-phones back in the day. As a society, we have forced it upon ourselves to carry these infernal noise-makers around like Samurai carrying their swords. Forced to pay monthly fees whether we use the phone or not. Of course, it is a matter of choice, but in today’s cities, it would be rare being able to find a payphone. We’ve essentially painted ourselves into a corner.

    As well, cellphones are a form of self-expression. The wallpapers we have on them, the ring tones we use. We secretly want to be like the scrubs that cruise down the streets playing their favorite music as loud as possible, bobbing their heads up and down, looking at the crowd as if they were “cool”. Yes, it’s just like that.

  2. 2 Brendan August 24, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    I don’t really think of Cell Phones as a form of obsession, or anything like that. I just find it a handy tool.
    Like you said, it can be a fun accessory as you can choose different colours, wallpapers, ring tones, key chains, hand-strap things, etc.

    It’s true, we don’t really need a cell phone. Although, we don’t need a Television, Game Console, or a clock on everything ether.

    For example, I don’t have to be lost for hours while trying to get home & charge my parents or a friend with a “collect call” from a pay phone because I didn’t have 25-50 cents.
    I just have to turn on my cell phone, and wait for a ride, or directions on how to get home.
    I don’t have to spend my time looking for someone at my school just to tell/ask them something short & simple.

    Some people kind of take it a little too far.
    I have a friend that lost her phone for a week, and she was in the dark ages for that period of time.
    I guess it’s one of those things that has a difference between use, and over-use.

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