Thoughts on Otakon 2008 Day 2 Part 1: Wish I Was There From Day 0

By TheBigN(egima!?)

So I had preregged for the convention and everything, but I was still kinda worried about if I was able to actually go or not. This is usually caused by a combination of bad timing and irrational fear, but since nothing was really going on in medical school for that upcoming week (expect a quiz of epic proportions), the latter made most of the impact. Even though I’m technically an adult and have shown to be responsible and perfectly able to take care of myself, it was still strange to tell others that “I’m going to an anime convention” and not expect to hear a “no” for an answer.

Maybe it’s because I’m still not comfortable enough with publicly saying that I’m and anime fan, and it doesn’t help that I can get very passive aggressive about these things if you know me. But again, rational thoughts prevailed, and I let myself go to the con. Due to some travel logistics (coming to Baltimore after classes would be messy at best), I made my trek on Saturday morning, thus missing the epic JAM Project concert that I would have liked to go to, as well as the Not So Epic Touhou panel that I wanted to see. Still I went, and I made timed notes along the way (Post-it Notes “Twitters”, one might say) that will be posted down and expanded on, but it’s still sort of a Stream of Consciousness sort of thing. I do wish I had a camera to capture some of the magical moments there though, so sadly, no pictures from me here.

Also, now that I think about it, long post is long, so I’m breaking this up into two entries. Have fun with that. :3

9:30AM: Arriving at the Light Rail Station (BWI Business District from the Greenbelt Metro shuttle in case anyone wanted to know)… you know you’re on the right path when Nintendo characters (A Ness and Princesses Peach and Daisy) are also waiting for the same train. Some Naruto and Ouran cosplayers joined shortly after. I felt a little out of my element here, probably because I think I was older than the majority of the people there. Only a couple of years seems to cause a widening chasm for me, and I’m only 22 and I feel a little old. 😛 At every stop along the way, I saw cosplayers, all in groups, from a variety of influences and ideas; from simple catgirls to .hack//SIGNers. All roads lead to Otakon they say…

10:30ish: Arrived at my hotel room, met up with the other half of DMAB’s current crime fighting duo along with some of my other great friends from Cornell. Man, it was good to see them again, and the feeling was apparently mutual. Pictures taken, stuff dropped, and convention-bound.

11:00: Tried to get to Bandai panel with one of my friends (he was an awesome Gordon Freeman with light-up Gravity Gun if you saw him),  but long line was long, and it didn’t help that it was held in small Panel 2 instead of larger Panel 4 (I’m not bitter… really)…

11:10ish: While waiting in line, noticed a familiar Scar walking by, and successfully called out to him. I was right in my hunches, as it was Baka-Raptor. After “nice to meet yous” and the like, I noticed that Os was with him, and another round of introductions began. My initial impression of Baka-Raptor actually meeting him in person was the same as when I saw him in his Talk-Raptor segments: Cool, calm, and collected, but a little detached.  Os was energetic and pretty gregarious. A quick picture taken with him made us looked stoned, but obviously it was the gravity of the situations that made us giddy with happiness. The brief meeting with the minds ended because they had stuff to do, but it was fun to actually meet fellow members of the community (lol Otakon circlejerk, obviously). And then Bandai admitted all that it could, so I spent some time with my friends, and then attempted to go meetup with some members of the Megatokyo Forums at…

12:15PM: Meeting successful, and among the fellow forumites, I met up with the bloggers omo, Link, wildarmsheero, TheStupidOne, roastbeefyweefs and digitalboy. Again, it was interesting putting faces to what I saw online, and meeting everyone was so cool. But when people started talking and stuff, that dichotomy disappeared for the most part (digitalboy seemed a little more reserved than I thought he would be, Link much more garrulous, but I was warned about that), and some people were what I thought they were (wah, omo and little beefy). Afterwards, a group of us including the above mentioned marched onto the JAM Project Q&A panel.

12:30: Obviously the JAM Project panel was awesome. Wish I got to ask some questions though, though the last questioner did ask a variation of what I wanted to, but with less fiery passion and hot blood. Take that as you will. Told to get off chair once, which makes me wonder if that was why no questions came our way (Obviously, sorry if that was the case), and I know that omo, Link and TSO would have something fun to ask. Highlights for me: Battle Cries (especially Fukuyama turning his mike around and yelling Basara’s trademark line), everyone having fun with Kageyama, lol Keroro Gunso and the epic Fukuyama show saga!.

2:00: Went to Kadokawa panel on a whim, helped with an advertisement handed out at the Bandai panel promising free stuff (now that I think about it, I think the person handing them out was the representative on the panel herself! O_o). Nomad accompanied me for more fun times. Saw licenses they were hoping for companies to pick up here, with Ninomiya-kun (sorta funny, but not buyable), H2O (awesome OP/ED, haven’t seen show), Rental Magica (I can’t get over the President’s orders, or how not cool he was initially. But Kana Ueda balances that out. Still not buying), Wagaya no Oinari-sama (haven’t seen, but interesting premise?) and Junjou Romantica (lol RenAi Blogger joke, but haven’t seen) not doing much for me. But there was a “Whoa!” from me and others when Spice and Wolf was mentioned. Hopefully the sub explains the economic systems better, and it’s definitely something that I would buy.

In other things, there will be a second season of Haruhi apparently, but apparently there was no idea as to when that was (and yes, I said the word twice on purpose, because you never know). They’re also trying to figure out what’s up with ADV and Keroro Gunsou (did someone ask about that at their panel, BTW), because they apparently have some movies associated with the franchise that are coming out as well.  There was other news too, but nothing that caught my interest. I’m not an anime news blogger anyway. 😛

Apparently if you asked a question, you got swaq, so I tried and asked about if Kadokawa had any sort of deal with animation studios. This because initially when I heard about them, the only works I know about that they had a hand in were stuff like Haruhi, Lucky Star, and FMP with KyoAni. The answer I got seemed to be that there was nothing like that of the sort and that they’re always looking for studios to work on products they think of doing. I got some Haruhi keychains for that. Fun times.

More to come later.

Okay. So I lied. But it is not an Otakon pic, is it?

Okay. So I lied. But it is not an Otakon pic, is it?

11 Responses to “Thoughts on Otakon 2008 Day 2 Part 1: Wish I Was There From Day 0”

  1. 1 21stcenturydigitalboy August 16, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    >digitalboy seemed a little more reserved than I thought he would be

    you have to understand, that list of names you gave, I knew them, but I didn’t know ANYONE else – and you guys were talking to them and I didn’t want to be that guy nobody knows interjecting – as a newer member, I tend to feel less important than the older ones – it’s just something that’s come from always being the new guy on long-lived forums. However you of all people I thought was awesome – I’d love to have you and beefy as friends in real life : )

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