Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 6: Say

By TheBigN(ot my best stuff here…)

Communication between people is never 100% accurate, though we try our damndest to maximize it as much as we can. The sender and the receiver aren’t one and the same, so the message will always be interpreted a little bit differently to all of the participants. So in that sense, it’s interesting to see how much words have an impact on how we go about our lives, making and breaking our days, and our lives if we let them (Sticks and stones and all that jazz…). But you could make an argument that the worst words “said” are often the ones not said at all, but held in, for both parties involved. As someone who’s had his moments where he leaves things as they are because of words kept because of apathy, fear, selfishness, and other things like that, it’s frustrating to look back and see opportunities missed to change the situation for the better, or just opportunities to change how things are done. So I tend not to have too much sympathy for characters that tend to do the same thing, I was a little peeved this episode, which tends to be unusual. Perhaps it’s because Chika’s involved, and I’ve probably been corrupted. 😛

Frankly, this is never too hard to cause.

Frankly, this is never too hard to cause.

Part of Sae’s nature has been the tendency to try and keep up appearances as the mature, experienced member of the group which makes it great when that façade tends to break down frequently. We get a little insight into Sae’s world in this episode’s first half, as it focuses on her “adventures” in trying to balance the situations that she comes across, as well as some of the feelings that she attempts to hide from others. In the first half of this episode, that emotion is worry, as she has to deal with coming up with ideas for her newest novel (is she a chronic procrastinator? If so, awesome.) at the same time as trying to come up with some well-wishing words for Chika going to summer school for exam preparation.

In the case of the novel, the ideas are in the form of romantic experiences, which she clearly is lacking in experience. But as we’ve seen from other examples, such as the gnu-eating statement from episode 10 of the first season (and later in this specific episode), instead of being honest, Sae caught with her pants down fibs about her actual experience while asking her friends about if they have any such thing. Granted, the knowledge that your friends might have obtained is not the same thing as your own, but it is a useful starting point. Though Sae could have saved a lot of time and embarrassment by just admitting truthfully that she needs help with some ideas in the first place, it’s not in her style to do so, and in this case, it’s fun to see that result.

Obviously Hiro liked my pants joke. Kinda like Kotomi in Talk-A-Raptor.

Obviously Hiro liked my pants joke. Kinda like Kotomi in Talk-A-Raptor.

When applying that style to her situation with Chika, we see that Sae’s having trouble being the support for her as the older sister. As an older sibling myself, part of my role “thrust” upon me is to be a sort of mentor to my younger siblings in most matters, even on topics that I have no clue about. Sae’s sort of in the same situation here, but instead of at least just being honest and letting Chika know that she’s worried about her, she again hides behind other statements that don’t accurately convey those feelings. Luckily, Chika is able to easily pinpoint Sae’s intentions (that snicker was to die for, BTW), and teases her effectively. After Sae truncated the call with Chika obviously with the upper hand, I was annoyed at the former saying that a fight had just occurred.

It’s not because of the fact that the exchange wasn’t even a quarrel in terms of intensity (and I don’t think Chika was angered or offended at all from the event), but in that framed it wrong.  If there was a fight at all, it was between Sae and herself in saying what she means to say and not keeping things in all the time. She needs to be a little bit more honest with herself, especially if she wants to maintain Yuno’s observation that she’s fatherly (though given how Sae is sensitive about these things, she’d take offense if it was Miyako saying it for example), though it’s definitely easier said than done.

Better to do it than *never to say what you need to say again*.

Better to do it than *never to say what you need to say again*.

And I think you could also level the same complaint at Natsume in terms of her interactions with Sae. She comes off as a rival, but we can see that she cares about Sae in some sort of capacity. Whether if it’s that she wants to show Sae that she can stand on her own, that she dislikes how similar they are, that she secretly likes Sae’s works (or maybe, to the annoyance of zaitcev, Sae herself) but can’t bear to admit it or some other, she inserts herself more often than one would think she would need to. Her appearances are odd (while sometimes funny), and I can see how it can bug Sae a little, since she’s pretty much minding her business whenever these times occur.  But it also makes me wonder if we’re ever going to find out what exactly Natsume’s beef is. I mean, a stalker can only go so far before a restraining order is placed on her. Her reaction to being “caught” by Hiro looking at Kirara magazine (where Sae’s novels are published), is priceless though.

Ummm… And Hiro needs to be more dedicated to stopping her urges. Like I should talk though, since I actually need to lose some weight here and there. I could say she’s holding me back, but it’s blatant lie. Again, not my best stuff here. 😛

This is one of those times where I wonder if people can be killed with kindness.

This is one of those times where I wonder if people can be killed with kindness.

Next Episode: One Step At A Time

Someone who always says what she needs to say.

Someone who always says what she needs to say.

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