New Anime Seasons and Our Selection Methodologies: “Because I Love This (insert buzzterm here)!”

By TheBigN(ow this is a Random Rambling!)

Something that I’ve found interesting from following the ‘otaku community’ (more far reaching than I’m considering due to my limited scope) is that even when the current season of shows haven’t even reached their halfway point yet, I see entries that talk about what’s going on for the next season. My first reaction consists of “WOW THAT’S FAST!” which is quickly followed by wondering why people are talking about the near future so quickly.  In my case, I’m not following that many shows this summer season, as well as slowly still finishing up plenty of shows starting in last season due to time constraints, interest and the like.  If you pay attention, that’s why you don’t see me make the posts that Nomad does for season previews, or why you only see a few shows that I might be interested in from comments on other’s blogs.  And while each of us have our own pace in getting to these new shows in do time, I do wonder how people pick and choose what they plan on checking out.

I look forward while always behind. Shikieiki keeps on going. Komachi does as well, but at a leisurely pace.

I look forward while always behind. Shikieiki keeps on going. Komachi does as well, but at a more leisurely pace.

I can understand constraints in one way and another in terms of fitting what is deemed watchable into a certain person’s schedule. But when you get into more specifics into preferences on the shows themselves, I can get pretty lost. For example, I almost can never fathom why someone declares that the current season of shows from Japan isn’t worth following what with the amount and (relative) variety of what’s out there (which is where many of the quick season previews come from).  Of course, I’m only myself, so even if people tell me their criteria, I’m still not going to know how exactly they come up with the decisions that they do, in the same way that people won’t exactly get why I’m like “give these shows more of a chance!”.  Yet I can at least go by the criteria that they state, but how should I decide to use it, if I do so in the first place?

Using a show for next season, reading the comments on the Kannagi trailer on Youtube, wasn’t particularly helpful or edifying for me in terms of getting to see what other people think. When I read that someone might check it out because the character designs are interesting, I think to myself “that doesn’t seem enough of a reason”. But that’s just me needing to get over myself again, because it’s the same thing as me saying that I’m interested in a show because there’s a seiyuu/studio/anime-related person in it that I like. Or that the story from the brief synopsis is intriguing. Or that I want to get the first word out about “so-and-so” series. Or that I get the impression that the series will contain an aspect that I like (character of interaction, just living and learning, etc.).  Or that I fit the target audience. Or that because I have some relationship with the source material (as is the case with Kannagi here) and liked my previous experiences, the adaptation will be kick-ass. And so on, and so on.

If only progress was that simple.

If only progress was that simple.

We all have our own buzzwords or situations that dictate why we go for what we tend to go for, and it’s not necessarily going to be a substantially deep process as to why these specific triggers fire as they do. But regardless of our differences in what get us interested in a certain show or not, it all seems to lead to a single point: the hope that what we look for will entertain us in some way.  Because in the end, anime begins as entertainment, and it spreads from there. And because what’s entertaining is subjective, I can complain about how someone chooses what to watch or when they decide to start wondering about the future (going full circle!), but it’s just calling the kettle black. I’m showing off how hypocritical I can be here, for example. :3

So in that sense, why am I spinning my wheels with this post that could have just been a paragraph (nay, a sentence!) long? I’m just wondering how, if you pay attention to the coming seasons in Japan, you decide on what to initially watch for the future. Or if are one of these people, how the current season (I mean generally, not just Summer 2008!) isn’t entertaining enough for you to continue on with what’s there. Factors for me are studio/production companies (I’d run to SHAFT or ufotable in a heartbeat, for example), seiyuu, music, source material, and the intangibles: stuff like if I feel shows contain a hint of stuff like character interactions as an example. For another example I’m not just a junkie for “slice of life” aspects, as people apparently categorize me in, but when I’m looking at Hyakko and Kannagi because of those possible aspects, I’m not helping matters, am I? 😛

Torako also has it right in my case.

Torako also has it right in my case.

tl;dr: What tends to get your ears perked up for new stuff?

22 Responses to “New Anime Seasons and Our Selection Methodologies: “Because I Love This (insert buzzterm here)!””

  1. 1 TheBigN September 15, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Mike: As long as you don’t let your noble ideals prevent you from taking a look at somethings because they don’t match up with those standards. Then again, your range seems large enough that I don’t have to worry about that. 😛

    Soujourner: It’s like me using DMAB for my choices for what to watch! 😮

    rbw: Somehow I’m not surprised. And now I’m interested in that picture. :/

    Shin: I’m also not surprised as this. 😛

    Wonderduck: Funny how that tends to happen. If I think there’s some subtext (especially of the female-female kind, if you catch my drift ;D), it might get me to take a look at shows that that I probably wouldn’t because I don’t have the time to do so. It becomes more relevant to my interests, so to speak, but I’d probably watch it anyway if others were praising it to begin with. :3

  2. 2 Baka-Raptor September 19, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    My Ultimate Guide to Picking Summer Anime also works for the Fall. And it’s been proven to work with 92.86% effectiveness!

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