Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 9: Girls on Film

When I see Yoshinoya-sensei in action, it makes me feel guilty, since I feel like a kindred spirit on some senses. In terms of things that “matter”, things that she “needs” to do, she’s a chronic procrastinator.  I totally understand having priorities that take personal preference over responsibilities, and knowing that there’s work to be done even though one would rather not do it. But I feel like that’s where the similarities end, since it’s the intention of those priorities that matter over everything else. While I’d consider myself a selfish procrastinator, Yoshinoya-sensei is more like a selfless procrastinator.

He will watch you in your sleep if you do not behave, so be careful.

He will watch you in your sleep if you do not behave, so be careful.

But I guess you’d have to consider her hobby first. Whether or not she considers what she’s doing as actually cosplay or not (it is to me), it is hobby that has become synonymous with her as a character. Almost every episode that we see her in, she makes an attempt to try out costumes she’s made, whether or not she has someone to see her doing it. I wouldn’t say it’s a consuming activity, as she does perform everything else that she’s supposed to do, but it does seem like if left unchecked, it could become a debilitating hobby. We constantly see the prinicipal keeping Yoshinoya-sensei in check, like a father always striking to keep is daughter focused on what she has to do. But it does make me wonder if she could be able to do other things in on go without having to take a break to cosplay or not. I guess it depends on her motivation to do so, I guess.

Nonetheless, I do feel like I know at least some of her inspirations for why at least she’s so enthusiastic about her hobby. We’ve seen that Yoshinoya-sensei is a very extroverted person, if just for the fact that she likes to show herself off (that trenchcoat scene from episode 2 of the first season comes to mind. Sorry Hiro). She’s very comfortable, honest and confident in her body and herself, willing to act as a model (nude or not) for the class often. And I’d like to think that she gets some enjoyment from people seeing her results. But you could also say that cosplaying is a way for Yoshinoya-sensei to express that she cares for her students. The effort that she takes just to get out her summer holiday cards just for them (whether they want it or not) says something. Same as with how she admits that there’s no impetus or point for her regular work without the students being there. They’re what give her the encouragement she needs in order to be at her best on all aspects, though some aspects take more precedent over others, I guess.

An event for the whole family.

An event for the whole family.

Speaking of motivation, we get a more direct idea of how one can get boosts from what others do in the second half of the episode. In another reappearance of the Yamabuki High School alum Maiko Kishi, we see our main foursome and Yoshinoya-sensei watch the end of her film (the tickets said film were recieved in episode 9 of last season) and be spellbound by it. It was interesting to note the different responses, with Sae smiling at the end death scene (hopefully because she liked the execution. Hopefully), Yoshinoya-sensei in tears, and Hiro, Miyako and Yuno blown away by what they saw. The movie seemed to be very inspiring, as it caused an explosion in creativity from the Hidamari residents (Sae’s writing, Yuno’s drawing, Hiro’s food and Miyako’s flip book). That the film was moving would be reason enough to make one feel like they should get out and do something themselves, but I do think that actually knowing the person who made it increased the positive, energetic feelings applied to being productive. It feels something like, “If she can make such a good piece of work, I can do it too!”, which leads to Hiro going all out in making meals (and she’d be fun hosting her own cooking show), or Miyako showing off talent that would make her perfect for SHAFT. And as someone who periodically gets inspired by seeing what other people can do with what they have, I can share that feeling.

I also can relate to Sae’s feelings on receiving her first fan letter for her work as a novelist. I have not and have never expect to get anything from this blog, so I’m always surprised and happy when people take pleasure in the things that have been done on the blog, regardless of who does it. This feeling can just come the fact of knowing that we’ve helped someone out in some way, along with some pride that we’ve been helpful, sort of like how Yuno felt in episode 3. This feeling is magnified on Sae’s end because it’s a shared happiness between her and the other Hidamari residents, and it serves more than one purpose. On Sae’s end, new resolution to keep at her work in order to continue making that fan and others satisfied. It also is another example of what was seen earlier with Kishi’s film, showing in Yuno’s case especially that it is very useful to be surrounded by such talented people, if just to develop your own special talent. Of course, in Yuno’s case she tends to sell herself short, so more confidence is also good.

It can be hard finding good motivation to keep at it (like myself keeping at these posts), and while keeping at it can be good motivation in and of itself to keep at it, sometimes you need something more, as can be shown here. Or so I keep telling myself as I plug away in medical school. :3

Next Episode: Parents Just Don’t Understand


What I would not give for a meal time discussion with her.

What I would not give for a meal time discussion with her.

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