Impressions on a Year 2008: Fun Phrases

By TheBigN

Part 1: Interesting People
Part 2: Awesome OP/EDs

There are some phrases said that just stick in my memory long after they’ve been said in anime. Those or phrases that are interesting enough, absurd enough, thought-provoking enough, or awesome enough (the latter makes up the majority of them) that I want to share them with others, but need to write them down before I forget them, or something like that. Either way, what you see are what worked for me, and hopefully why they worked for me. Remember that these are statements that I write down under the mercy of whoever decided to translate them, so if these aren’t the correct results, forgive me. And again, feel free to also add your thoughts on phrases you heard and think are awesome.

-“So you’ve all finally understood that history is made with tears on top of tears. Meetings and farewells. And then yet another meeting. The links between people are what make history.“, Episode 41 of Hayate no Gotoku!

That which misunderstandings are made of. A pseudo-philosophical moment from Katsura-sensei to her students, where she felt like they finally understood what she was teaching. Of course, they were focused on the fact that their teacher was apparently leaving.

– “Whether it’s a big building or a small chocolate, if you put your feelings into it, it’s the same as everyone else. That’s how you can make everyone smile.“, Episode 3 of ARIA The ORIGINATION

Akari’s such a natural romantic, inspiring many from fellow Undines to Salamanders to a sweets seller in this case. The amount of effort that you put into something shows, and if you put all of your focus into doing the best you can on most things you do, those feelings communicate with everyone else. It just goes to show you that it’s all about heart. :3

– “Well, compared to global warming issues, it’s a trivial matter, right?“, Episode 9 of Kore ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de

Said by Yume Kuonji to minimize the difficulty she had in fighting out what her dream is. Course, when compared to global warming issues (and some people argue that their aren’t), most things tend to be trivial. 😛

– “That’s what family is!“, Episode 22 of CLANNAD

Spoken during the first season’s story’s climax by Nagisa’s father, it encompasses the meaning of the whole show, when you think about it. Throughout all the episodes, you see many variations of what it means to be a family, and what having a family means as well. So it wasn’t a necessary statement, but it’s good to state the obvious sometimes.

– “If you want to quit kendo, then quit after you win!“, Episode 24 of Bamboo Blade

Satori getting pissed off at Miya-Miya actually turning to run away from  kendo because of an “unbeatable” rival resulted in her saying the above phrase. Of course it comes from a long line of inspiring statements to get someone out of their funk, but the fact that it came from the person you could say is the meekest of the group (though even saying that isn’t really true), and the fact that it’s directed to someone who is supposed to be me one of the more confident and (reasonably) collected members of the squad makes the moment special.

Well, that and more subtext.

Wish I saw more of this from her against Miya-Miya in the show.

– “I’ll try to imagine what happens to Raigomaru after he becomes flightworthy by myself.“, Episode 12 of true tears

What makes this work for me is the phrase “by myself”, coming after Noe finds that the last page is missing in the book that Shinichiro was able to finish because of her. For Noe who’s been an observer of other character’s stories for the series, it makes sense that in her own story, literally and figuratively speaking, she has to make her own ending as she’s watch everyone else “end” theirs. Noe realizes that she still has a long way to go to get to where Shinichiro is; that is, he’s flying while she’s still on the ground.  But just realizing that is a start.

-“So you’ve become a person who can say that.“, Kurenai

A phrase that Ginko keeps saying to Shinkurou every time he tries to act like a professional, mature person, like what his job entails him to be. The problem is, that’s what he’s definitely not, and Ginko knows that. So what I want to know is, why doesn’t she just tell it too him straight, especially when she also knows that Shinkurou has the tendency of moving with blinders on. Oh well. 😛

-“You’ve only destroyed three out of Maid Guy’s thirty-seven senses. That’s nothing…“, Episode 5 of Kamen no Maid Guy

Because Kogarashi is that frickin awesome, even when blind, deaf, and without the sense of touch, he’s still an unstoppable badass. Trust.

-“Allison, don’t tell me you’re…” “Yes I am. After all, the villain has taken the princess hostage. Don’t you think I have to save her right away?“, Episode 8 of Allison & Lillia

A conversation between Allison and Will that pretty much explains who’s the assertive, fun and awesome one in the relationship between the two. If only she voiced her emotions sooner. 😛

– “The maidens who assemble in Gojyu Hissatsu Academy today, too, go over high hurdles with smiles on their faces. The pleats on their skirts should never rip. No weapons should peek out of their sailor collars. First hit wins! One-hit kills! Hittine before being hit is preferred here.“, Episode 20 of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

This is what’s said during Kyouka’s blurb in the OP for this episode. What makes this great for me is that for those who recognize the pattern, it’s a parody of the intro to Maria-sama ga Miteru. And it only makes me wonder if there was an alternate reality of just that thing happening over at Lillian Girls Academy. Time will tell with this new season coming up. 😛

I would not mind seeing something like this.

I would not mind seeing something like this.

-“When you move forward, you mustn’t look down! Smile and look forward!“, episode 96 of Chi’s Sweet Home.

Probably the only thing I’d get from this show, as the black cat gives these words of advice to Chi, who’s only really finally started to understand what it means to be a cat, as well as how nature works. Granted, given the fact that Chi tends to follow this advice anyway, albeit without really paying attention to her surroundings, I’d like to think this piece of advice is also directed to us the audience. It speaks of a “live life to the fullest” sentiment to me, and goodness knows we always need more of that. :3

-“After all, I am one hell of a butler.“, Kuroshitsuji

Said at the end of every episode preview, and sometimes during the show. Because it’s true. Sebastian’s butler skills, considering what he is, are indeed outerworldly. It makes me laugh every time I see it, because mostly everyone else in the cast has no idea.

-“As a most wonderful fact, I, Kyouka-sama, am omniscient and omnipotent!“,  Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

I think what strikes me more about the phrase than anything else is how boastful Kyouka is, and how while she’s pretty powerful and more perceptive in her own right, this is almost never true.

– “Is that so?“, Michiko to Hatchin

What makes this special to me is not the phrase, which is uttered by Hana frequently in the show, but how she does it. Often in situations where she’s skeptical, bewildered or confused about what’s going on, it comes out “Sou… desu ka”, where that delay in the middle of the sentence highlights that feeling she has. Of course, given the current situation that she’s in with Michiko, it sorta gives her the right to feel apprehensive with whatever happens to her.

-“IT’S A SONY!“, episode 7 of Kannagi

In a episode with other phrases that I could use that I liked (“Oishinbou in my right hand. Calpis in my left. With these, I can fight for another ten years.”, from Nagi), it’s Akiba that steals the show with this line. To me, it highlights Sony’s history in media format wars, as well as how out of touch Akiba can be.  That and how it seems like an awesome punch line to any joke, now that I think of it. 😛

And he says it complete with the "Nice Guy Pose!". So awesome.

And he says it complete with the "Nice Guy Pose!". So awesome.

Tomorrow (hopefully): More on music, this time with the background as a whole.

7 Responses to “Impressions on a Year 2008: Fun Phrases”

  1. 1 Kairu Ishimaru December 29, 2008 at 1:31 am

    I salute you for being good on memorizing some lines of some animes. 😀 Oh wow I cant even do that myself.

    As for the post, my favorite is Akiba-kun’s ‘Its a Sony!’ line. That was epic 😀

  2. 2 omisyth December 29, 2008 at 1:42 am

    “Oishinbou in my right hand. Calpis in my left. With these, I can fight for another ten yearS SAVIN’ THE DAY.”

  3. 3 ghostlightning December 29, 2008 at 2:32 am

    >>”You’ve only destroyed three out of Maid Guy’s thirty-seven senses. That’s nothing…“, Episode 5 of Kamen no Maid Guy

    Because Kogarashi is that frickin awesome, even when blind, deaf, and without the sense of touch, he’s still an unstoppable badass. Trust.

    Respect. Kogarashi needs a better show.

  4. 4 komidol December 30, 2008 at 12:49 am

    Year’s not over yet! You missed the Touhou Anime!

    Subs included 😉

  5. 5 jpmeyer December 30, 2008 at 9:07 am

    “Pretend that it’s a cake”

  6. 6 TheBigN December 30, 2008 at 10:26 am

    jp: Oh wow Kanokon. And for some reason, that also reminds me of “…and a toilet seat cover!” from CLANNAD AS. 😛

    omisyth: You need to remind/inform me of where the last bit comes from. :/

    ghostlightning: That’s what I’ve been saying all along!

    komidol: I’ll get to it later. Trust me. 😀

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