Brief Thoughts On K-On! 1

By TheBigN

Well, it was an alright first episode of K-On!. Things I liked the most about it:

Who would refuse that pitch?

Who would refuse that pitch?

– The fact that despite the situation’s urgency in  getting the Light Music club together, everything seemed to be taken in stride. From Mio’s quick acceptance of Ritsu’s goal, to the three members easily accepting Yui’s lack of ability in anything (I did also like how Ritsu had a harmonica at the ready when Yui changed her musical “talents”), to Nodoka in general dealing with Yui. It’s only high school, and it’s not the end of the world if the club doesn’t get formed, but then we wouldn’t get this story in the first place. I liked how the atmosphere wasn’t so serious business and how it was pretty laid back. And you know how I feel about those; it will just make the rocking out that much sweeter to the characters and to me. 😛

Brings a whole new meaning to headdesk.

Brings a whole new meaning to headdesk.

– That all of the characters have some sort of common sense to them belying their “moe” archetypes. This one might sound like a bit more of a stretch according to some people, especially when considering how Yui acts. Perhaps it’s a little bettter to say that the characters aren’t just the extremes that we usually see in anime.  As digitalboy says:

Ritsu is very headstrong and outgoing, but she’s also shown she’s got sense and isn’t outright hyper. Mio is a bit more of the straight-man type character, but she isn’t accusatory or mean (I hate these qualities in a character) and she seems pretty enthused along with everyone else. Tsumugi is more on the moe side of things with being a cute character with a clueless rich girl personality, but once again she isn’t too much of an idiot.

And you could argue that despite Yui’s apparent ineptitude, she still has some stuff inside her mind in knowing her weaknesses, being willing to tell the truth despite the situation, and in bluntly appraising the talent of the band at the moment (though you could say the last bit is part of her airheaded-ness). I’d disagree with digitalboy with Tsumugi, at least with using “idiot” to describe her (and on another note, her french fries scene was too cute by half, and not obnoxiously so), but that’s about it. The first episode of K-On! at least gives us the impression that our main foursome aren’t quite as easily pigeon-holed as most of us would like to think. Or at least it gives a reason for me to be peeved whenever someone says that Mio is tsundere, because I don’t see it at all.

Wonder if she has a Kagura.

Wonder if she has a Kagura.

– That Mio is a lefty on bass. This was one of the things pointed out to me, and it’s a nice thing to notice. Especially because I believe it’s harder to play a bass left handed than right handed, so even more power to her.

-That in terms of the OP and the ED, music-wise the OP beats the ED, and video-wise, the ED narrowly beats the OP. I say narrowly because though the music video format trumps the shots of the group rocking out (good shots though) and profiles of the OP, it was still over the top enough that I couldn’t take it seriously. I think that was the point.

Some faces speak for themselves.

Some faces speak for themselves.

– The character I like the best so far is Ritsu. I tend to like the visible movers and shakers in group efforts in anime, and so far she hasn’t done anything to make me reconsider that. I also enjoy how you can tell what she’s feeling pretty well, almost enough to rival Yui in that category. Speaking of Yui, I have to gives props to Nodoka, since it takes a good person to be able to handle someone who’s a little off the wall.

To be honest, the only think that bugged me was not the show, but the constant comparisons from to other shows and characters that other people have been making. It’s not the comparisons themselves that annoy me, but the rationales behind them, such as animation or voices or the faces the character’s make. It isn’t like I’m expecting arguments of substance here (lolol depth in anime), but for crying out loud, it’s only been one episode and what’s taken place seems so unnecessary. That, and I’m wondering if people will let the show stand on it’s own to be judged as they watch it, or if it will be constantly in the shadow of something it never asked to be under. Let’s not be hasty here (myself included), since we still have time to find out the “essence” of K-On!. :3

It isn't often that I feel like doing what Ritsu did here.

It isn't often that I feel like doing what Ritsu did here.

This isn’t going to become an episodic thing, mind you. I still have to finish my HidaSketch x365 posts first.  😛

And before I forget, lelangir‘s attempting to transcribe all of the K-ON soundtrack he hears during the show. I think it’s a great idea, but one with some insanity tied into it. Either way, spur the man on please. 😛

24 Responses to “Brief Thoughts On K-On! 1”

  1. 1 Ryan A April 7, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Left. Indeed, I don’t see the reason for comparing this series to other things. I don’t think its a completely unacceptable act for every series, but after seeing the first episode, I can say that this has it’s own distinct nature. While it may unintentionally blend feelings from other series (eg Manabi), it definitely has it’s own distinct mood and atmosphere.

  2. 5 lametastic April 8, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Oh, wow, an anime blogger that doesn’t hate the show just because a) Yui is an idiot (and her VA doesn’t really help) b) He/She doesn’t want to be left out from the all cool boys club.

    No, really. I mean, yeah, K-On is another foolish cute girls show, but what really makes it as GODDAMN HORRIBLE AND AWFUL as most people say it is? If I had something to say about this (specially, the manga), it would be mediocre, as in “this could be a lot better”. But this isn’t as awful as a “moe” show can be.

  3. 8 saturnity April 10, 2009 at 2:04 am

    “To be honest, the only think that bugged me was not the show, but the constant comparisons from to other shows and characters that other people have been making. It’s not the comparisons themselves that annoy me, but the rationales behind them.”

    Haha, guilty. I have this proclivity to add a harsh edge when I’m critiquing a show with moe characters.

    Also, I must ask because I honestly can’t tell. Are the character designs considered to be loli?

  4. 9 Snark April 10, 2009 at 5:30 am

    Perhaps it’s just me, but did anyone get the feeling that Yui’s…well, mildly retarded? I mean, it’s one thing to have a ditzy character, but half of Yui’s body movements seem like the onset of a spasm.

    Nonetheless, it was incredibly awesome to see a fellow southpaw on bass.

  5. 10 TheBigN April 10, 2009 at 7:53 am

    saturnity: Apparently the consensus viewpoint on the character designs is yes they are. My consensus viewpoint on that specific matter is that I don’t really care. Character designs don’t make or break a watching experience. 😛

    Snark: It makes me wonder if Kyoani was playing up her “moe” qualities or if that’s how she was in the manga.

  6. 11 Sheba April 11, 2009 at 4:52 am

    I am as guilty for the comparison. Tho for me, Ritsu is closer to Kana Minami than Tomo. They appears as idiots at first, but are sharing this leader groove.

  7. 12 MrMayat April 13, 2009 at 12:34 am

    Finally got to watch it and IMO, this could be the “Manabi” for this season. It’s fun, silly and endearing. I’m not expecting to be blown away, but this seems like a fun ride. It’s definitely the counter-band anime to the more serious “BECK”

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