I have enjoyed my Time of Eve

by dm00


Watch Aquatic Language now!

Watch Aquatic Language now!


Time of Eve comes to an end (at least a temporary one) with a double-length broadcast centering not on Rikuo, Sammy, nor Nagi, but on Rikuo’s robot-averse friend Masaki.


Masaki confronts THX in the Time of Eve cafe

Masaki finds THX in the Time of Eve cafe


There have been hints that something like this was coming — notably in “Nameless” when we caught a brief glimpse of THX (“Tex”) standing in the shadows of Masaki’s home.  (You all know where the initials THX come from, don’t you?)

Many of the episodes of this wonderful series have captured the spirit of Asimov’s original robot stories in wrestling with surprising implications of Asimov’s iconic Three Laws of Robotics.  It’s like math, really, the way so much lovely complexity arises from the interplay of three simple axioms.  This episode is no different.  Indeed, this episode is Asimov’s laws triumphant.

This sweet little series deserves to be placed among the best animated science fiction, with the way it tangles with the implications of androids, and the way it succeeds in packing an emotional punch.  Is there a Hugo for animated shorts?


Best actor of the year

Best actor of the year



This simple figure conveys a surprising amount of emotion

This simple figure conveys a surprising amount of emotion with its gestures


We learn a great deal more about the time of the Time of Eve, with tantalyzing hints dropped about Nagi’s past and why she created the Time of Eve — but not enough.  The episode ends with a plethora of hints that we can look forward to more, and I certainly will — more in the world of Time of Eve or any other endeavor Yasuhiro Yoshiura and his Studio Rikka chooses to pursue.


Come back soon, Nagi.

Come back soon, Nagi.


4 Responses to “I have enjoyed my Time of Eve”

  1. 1 Scamp September 25, 2009 at 3:34 am

    The reveal about Nagi was pretty damn confusing. So she was the little kid who died in that incident all those years ago…but she’s alive?

    I’ve certainly enjoyed my Time of Eve aswell but I have to say that Pale Cocoon was better.

  2. 2 2DT September 27, 2009 at 1:42 am

    I’m certainly glad that the series didn’t just revolve around the kid and Sammy. They were already ringing warning bells by casting Rie Tanaka in that role.

    Interesting point re: Asimov. At first I rolled my eyes at the Three Laws appearing yet again in a series about androids, but Time of Eve actually feels a bit like an update of the original “I, Robot” stories, with more heart and less Will Smith.

  3. 3 press editor October 5, 2009 at 10:29 am

    I just finished blogging my episode recap for this and was looking around a bit to see who else hearts this series. Man, the art and animation is great. The themes hold a lot of promise, but I haven’t quite seen it developing yet. Short, sweet and to the point. Most importantly, beautiful art. Just my kind of thing, really.

  4. 4 Vincent February 12, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    This was definitely a well-animated feature. I just wish that they’d developed the story more. I would have liked to see more development with regards to Masaki and even Nagi. Watching Rikuo and the other characters interact and develop was quite interesting. The ending was slightly ambiguous but I think that it was meant to be that way. I think that they’d probably close the cafe down though. Art and music as well as the atmosphere within the Time of Eve was exquisitely designed and portrayed.

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