I was hoping this would be a more “productive” post behind this…

By TheBigN

So, I had another post about the rest of Otakon at least partly written some weeks ago about the rest of my time there (you know, stuff like enjoying MELL’s Q&A and Yamakan’s second Q&A, EPIC KARAOKE throughout [at least on the end of those of us participating], seeing omo give his confession to Zange-chan, the FUNimation panel, bagpipes, seeing the Dealer’s Room after closing time and helping Hen Da Ne take down their wares, etc.). But then my main computer tanked, OSes were reinstalled, and all that good information, as well as 3 months of other stuffs, is gone to the electronic ether where all deleted files go. This also explains some of why I’ll probably be late with my Secret Santa entry for Reverse Thieves. And I always told myself to not write one of these “why I haven’t been writing in a while” filler posts. I’m a little ashamed at this.

But on to the real point of this post. If you’ve read my posts on Katsucon and Otakon for this year, you noticed that I had some pictures of cosplay that I’d taken for both of these. And I was planning on releasing more photos for later posts, like the said Otakon one, that have ended up not being made or have been purged. Instead, I’ve just put those cosplay pictures that I’ve taken con-wise onto a flickr account, and should be planning to add some more pictures of much more other stuff down the road. I’ve had the account up for a while, but it’s been incomplete to about now. Still, it’s kind of interesting to see that very few people have already found the place, and apparently some characters are focused on more than others.

As always, if any person looking at this is one of the people cosplaying and wants me to take down their picture, I will comply quickly. No problems. And there will be something of more substance than this post coming up soon, for those of you still reading. 😛

Real live trap that really isn't?

It says something that this was one of the most seen pics in that short time, but hey. Bridget is awesome

4 Responses to “I was hoping this would be a more “productive” post behind this…”

  1. 2 Shin December 21, 2009 at 2:40 am

    Cosplay photos are always welcome, although I’d rather see them in your posts rather than externally…

    >Female Bridget


  2. 3 ubiquitial December 29, 2009 at 2:30 am

    I must ask, what is the point of cosplaying, then? If the person in question wishes not to be seen cosplaying, why do they do it in the first place? To cosplay is an act of extravagance. You’re telling the world to look at your flamboyance. So why would they want the pictures removed. Free publicity on a popular blog — what cosplayer doesn’t like that?

    Are they like that Iconic Soup Nazi? The one who dangles his soup in front of innocent people, only to jerk it away. Feeding on the tears which flowed forth. Well, you must not let the Cosplay Nazis get to you!

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