Three Years Old, And Still Chugging Along

By TheBigN

I wanted to start by referencing this, and joke about saying “This Is It!”, but I thought it silly, and decided not to. Besides, I think two years are a long time myself, not to mention three.

Then I wondered if I’d talk about how this  last year wasn’t necessarily that productive. Compared to the second year, there has been a drop-off in productivity, but having 600+ comments, 59 posts and 210,000+ more hits (pushing the blog over a half a mil, though I wonder how many of those now come from image searches for “godzilla”, which randomly started months ago) doesn’t seem that bad to me, though the explosion of spam (from 5000+ to 19000+ in the last year) does. Especially when I don’t feel like I’ve posted much this year, so I definitely have to thank dm for picking up the slack, and nomadotto for the rare incisive posts while I’m off med-schooling or something or other. Having a post a week definitely dropped off from before, but I’m happy that at least there’s been a post about every other week or so.

Then I thought about complaining about having less time to post than before. But seeing how often I comment on others people’s blogs, though it never takes longer than a minute or two to do so makes me feel like I would be unnecessarily whining if I went that route.  It has been a little harder to think about what to write, but there’s still ample ideas out there and I’ve had some in the back of my mind for months. Not to mention the awesome things that come out of the many other bloggers, anime-related or no, that I read when I’m able to. Hopefully I can get some of those out here. Or at least get my co-writers to just write what they feel more often, original or not.

Thanks are always in the cards to anyone and everyone who’s read, glanced, skimmed, excerpted from, commented, praised, complained, mentioned, briefly thought of, leeched bandwidth from, etc. I’d like to believe it’s part of what keeps DMAB going though others may disagree, and no doubt it always helps to make things interesting.

Again, thanks for stopping by, and hopefully Drastic My Anime Blog will still be worth coming back to check up on in the future.

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