Reminiscing About The Past From A Present Sorrow-kun Experience

So, for fun, I decided to take a part in something that zzeroparticle set up, the Aniblog Readings, where a few people who blog about anime decides to read one of another blogger’s first ten posts back when they started up. Is it self-referential, and just bloggers having fun with each other? Sure, but it’s not something that I see as important in this case. It’s definitely not stopping a blogger from suggesting that their own audience do the same things either, or maybe bloggers reading some interesting comments they see, or something else that is not “patting themselves on the back”, or comes off as only acknowledging the more visible commenters who tend to be fellow bloggers and so on and so forth.  Or other things like that.  🙂

As shown in the above link, Sorrow-kun, the mastermind from the blog Behind the Nihon Review decided to read the post “On anime endings and things…”, a post from “way back in” February 2007. Done on phone, the quality might not be liked, but it works. The track is below:

Sorrow-kun’s rendition in the tone of a smarmy bastard.

One thing that I actually kind of noticed looking back at this post was the different between how I interpreted things when I wrote it, and how others could interpret things. When I write even now,  my goal is to try to not stir up any negative feelings if I can’t help it about the topics I write about. To that end,  I do try to prevent unintentional offense by usually putting things down the way I see them, and in doing so, not use them as direct generalizations about others through that process. If I do the latter on purpose, it’s almost always in a joking tone to me, and I try to make sure that the readers see that I’m not being too serious at those moments. While I’m sure that doesn’t work all of the time, I hope that it’s effective enough.

That being said, reading my past post now, I can see how the tone can totally come off as “mine view art holier than thou”, as is the case I think with the post Sorrow-kun used to write about.  It’s never my intention to be that way, but when reading through the post again, I can totally understand the “smarmy bastard” attitude that he’s using as a joke in this post. And I do wonder if that sort of tone has continued in my posts throughout these three years and some months, which bothers me if that actually is the case. My goal is to make sure that people who read my writing know where I’m coming from, or at least what I’m coming at, and how the text comes off to the reader is also an important aspect of my hopeful communication, so it will be distressing if this actually is the case. If anything, it at least makes me more vigilant in making sure that I am considering my writing from different angles now.

What I also notice is that I don’t necessarily feel like my writing style has changed that much in all of this time. In terms of how I write, I started off on the blog wanting to sort of combine anime-watching and real life in my observations like Jeff Lawson did, though I guess the result ends up being more like something that SDS does,which isn’t bad either, if there’s really a need for comparison. At any rate, I think I’m more self-deprecating than the other two, so I guess that’s something to hang a strange hat at.

One thing though is that I’m not ashamed about this post, as well as any of my early ones. I feel like I hopped off on a good foot there, and if not, at least they brought me to where I am today. Wherever it is I’m at right now. 😛

Shikieiki's so totally smirking at you.

The strange hat and smarmy bastard in a nice combination. Picture by Sai.

6 Responses to “Reminiscing About The Past From A Present Sorrow-kun Experience”

  1. 1 Sorrow-kun June 5, 2010 at 12:56 am

    One thing though is that I’m not ashamed about this post, as well as any of my early ones.

    Damn, then I haven’t done my job. 😛

    Anyway, it was fun… kinda. I wouldn’t read into the tone as a reflection of your writing rather than my complete inability to be classy, which was my intention at first, until it just devolved into the “smarmy bastard” I played in this reading.

  2. 3 Michael June 5, 2010 at 7:54 am

    This exercise reminded me to read my previous post, and I must say, I found it to be an all right post – I mean, nothing I’m ashamed about.

  3. 4 Michael June 5, 2010 at 8:25 am

    What I meant was my first post. Darn.

  4. 5 TheBigN June 7, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    Sorrow-kun: Well, when I started writing, the intent was to sound like someone who knows what he likes, but also knows that in conveying this like, he doesn’t have to go overboard with it, or something like that.

    And however you break it down, the tone of the post still sounds like I’m above it all. 😛

    Michael: BROFIST

  1. 1 Index of all the Aniblog Readings | Zzeroparticle's Updates Trackback on June 5, 2010 at 6:34 pm

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