Two Quick Questions On Oreimo That I’m Sure Have Been Asked Already

These are from episode 1, mind you, so they might be answered on later on.

1.) Everyone seems to be talking about one implication (the obvious one, of course) of Kirino’s choice of games that she’s a fan of. Do they consider another implication given the game type (i.e. one main reason why people rag on moe), but just choose not to say it?

2.) Kirino demonstrates that she also has two R1 DVD versions of the Stardust Witch Meruru anime, as well as two DVD versions and a Blu-ray version that are domestically available for her in Japan.  Does anyone know how easy it is for reverse importation of anime to occur nowadays in Japan, or if Kirino was doing anything illegal in doing so?


Meruru stack.

Meruru stack.


4 Responses to “Two Quick Questions On Oreimo That I’m Sure Have Been Asked Already”

  1. 1 Link October 10, 2010 at 1:02 am

    2. Importation of US goods is fairly simple, given that there’s reverse importation shops in Akiba and likely elsewhere. A dedicated enough consumer can purchase the goods they desire. But I think they looked past the fact that anime typically doesn’t come to the US for a year or longer after airing. Based on Kirino’s enthusiasm for the franchise, it’s implied that the series is still running or very recent. Meaning I highly doubt a R1 release could exist. I could be off-base here, though.

    I don’t remember if the novels had Kirino owning a R1 version of Meruru or not. Either way, they never answer this question because it is nothing more than a joke!

  2. 2 Jaren L October 10, 2010 at 3:15 am

    I see too many sound and relevant ways of reading 1 to be sure what you’re insinuating.

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