Wake me next season?

by dm00, doing an impression of the Anti-TBN


Hikari is not impressed (from Hoshi no negai wo - Cold body X warm heart)


In a place I hang out, I’ve seen this season called outstanding by a couple of people, but I’m not seeing it. For me, a season that includes Tatami Galaxy and House of Five Leaves is outstanding, this season doesn’t promise anything like that.


  • Sounds like it’s a creepy little sister incest show. Sorry, I’m done with the whole otaku-wish-fulfillment premise, at least until Genshiken II gets animated.
  • A certain Biribiri-deprived index. None of the previous incarnations of this world have measured up, though Mikoto and her incarnations tried really hard.
  • Cirno-of-the-seaFutakoi Alternative did the whole squid-invasion thing much better, if somewhat inconclusively. Puke pasta did make me smile, though. (Made my mouth water, too. (Ugh.))
  • The save-point God only knows. The otaku-centric premise strikes again.
  • NieA Under Bridge. This series had already grown tedious halfway through the first season. Why does this get an almost immediate sequel when Bakemonogatari still has mono to gatari? My Shaft-credulity only stretches so far.


Hikari and friend



  • Really is a creepy little sister incest show. I might watch a bit more to see just how transgressive they plan to be. With the sudden change at the 20-minute mark, the first half of the first episode might just have been a smutty head-fake and the series will go in a completely different direction, transcending ero-cliche. Probably not, but I’ll give it another episode just to see.
  • Trash from the sky – Forte. Trashy though it was, the first season was far better than it had any right to be, even if it did peak at the end of episode two.
  • Zakuro Taisen. Mai Nakahara came across as cliche tsundere in the first episode, and I thought the youkaiphobia was given too much screentime, along with the rose-framed shoujo-tropes. Still, the artbook will be luscious.


  • Victoria’s secret, by GAINAX. I’m enjoying the scat-cartooning improvisations on a theme of Cartoon Network. Transgressive and over-the top. Enjoyable for now, it’s always in danger of turning into a steaming, undifferentiated mass of bad taste. It’s also in danger of overstaying its welcome (see Arakawa under the bridge) and might be better done as a six-episode OAV. Leave us wanting more (see FLCL) not checking our watches.
  • At least they do interesting things with filters show. The art-book will be amazing. Yes, it’s probably just a reincarnation of Ikki-tousen with an interesting visual style, but the 21st-century Edo premise and the look of the series is enough to hold me for a bit longer.  In addition to the filters, I like the heavy-outline look a good deal. The first anime to be done as a series of wood-block prints will own me.  Furthermore, having the first few minutes of the series include a scene where black rain falls on the wreckage of foreign bombers seems to suggest that the story could have more layers than the costumes of the female characters. If they do more stuff like that I’ll probably be dubious about the political message, even annoyed by it, but also intrigued.  Damned inkblots.
  • Shounen Kakumei Galactic. It has a fabulous heritage.
  • Another SHAFT maid-cafe show. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s SHAFT, so I’ll give it more of a chance than it probably deserves. Besides, I seem to be one of the five maybe two people on the internet who like Chiaki Omigawa’s voice (Soul Eater’s Maka and Natsu no Arashi’s Jun were my introductions to her). I know, I know, otaku-centric show. A foolish consistency is the youkai of small minds.  And hey!  They managed to animate the OP before the premiere was aired!


More like this, please (from Hoshi no negai wo -- Cold body X warm heart)


The best new things I’ve seen in the last month or so have been small amateur/doujinshi one-shots like Sintel (not Japanese) and Hoshi no negai wo — Cold body X Warm Heart. Both are well-executed, with engaging stories. Like past independent projects (e.g., Eve no Jikan, Pale Cocoon, Aquatic Language (all from the same studio), Cencoroll, Kakurenbo, Black Rock Shooter and Hoshi no koe) they give me hope for animation’s future.

Until that future arrives, I can always work through my backlog.

5 Responses to “Wake me next season?”

  1. 1 Jura October 10, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Youtube Будет ласковый дождь and Полигон.

  2. 2 dm00 October 10, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Thank you! I think there may be a link to There will come soft rains somewhere on this blog (you know it’s based on a Ray Bradbury story, yes?). Ah, here it is.

    Polygon is good, too. Thanks for that.

    Maybe we need a category for this sort of thing…

    Update: we now have one, see the In praise of small studios category, and maybe visit the Studio 4C category, too.

  3. 4 Shance October 30, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    It’s quite funny that you suddenly gave high regard the show you found least stimulating.

    So come, let’s revel together in the awesome otaku tempest that is OreImo!

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