12 Days of Anime, Day 6: A Punch To The Face = Satisfaction

Running late, but oh well.

Durarara!! lost its steam as the show went along, with arguably it’s climax being the reveal of the Dollars’ full force, and Celty growing comfortable with who she currently is while still searching for her missing head. But the tension of the three separate factions coming together to do battle remained, notwithstanding because of how all of the major plot points in the show, and especially in the second half, were pretty much orchestrated by the Magnificent Bastard, Izaya Orihara. As time went on, Izaya became a very frustrating character to watch, as 2DT attests:

A rich and handsome young man who knows everything (including where to find some really sweet duds), who is never caught by surprise in any meaningful sense, because everything fits into his multi-game chessboard that screams “by the way, in case you didn’t get the memo, I’m a renegade genius.” Izaya has no flaw whatsoever, aside from being a total sociopath—which is hardly a flaw when he’s neither bothered nor hindered by it at any time, ever.

His utter inability to be hindered or bothered by anything (despite how hard Shizuo tried, poor man) while everything went his was a little disturbing. And when you placed it in terms of him basically manipulating our three main high-schoolers among many others to cause chaos, it was hard not to dislike the man (because you still had to give begrudging respect at everything he set up for the most part). That’s why it was also frustrating how in the last episode of Durarara!!, even when his plan failed, and even when challenged by Anri (one of the said high schoolers) with her mastery of the sword Saika, he still got away for the most part scot-free and without any sort of arm. That is, till he runs into the Russian Sushi chef/tough guy Simon:

Granted, one punch does not right all the wrongs that Izaya has committed. But it was damned satisfying to see him get a comeuppance in one way, as well as him knowing that there are some people out there who know exactly what he’s doing, and that they’re not happy with it. Sure, he’ll live to scheme and troll again, but it’s good to know that something can touch him (or in the case of Shizuo, irk him) every now and then.

Fun videos that are sort-of related:

Combined with Captain Falcon and a hearty Shizuo laugh:

Basically how the situation felt, shortened up:

And while his stomping on cellphones was justified here, it’s fused with an earlier episode of violence, then seen as unnecessary, but hilarious, as well as one of the few times you could say Shizuo wins:

1 Response to “12 Days of Anime, Day 6: A Punch To The Face = Satisfaction”

  1. 1 ariannasterling December 21, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    I actually just commented somewhere else on how it’s a bit amusing that Izaya gets punched right into a sign spelling “love”.

    But I adore Izaya and never had a problem with a single one of the things he did, no matter how much he was like, a terrible person. It’s obvious, his love for humans. He shows that love so nicely, haha.

    Nice collection of videos.

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