12 Days of Anime, Day 4: Homeless Yuno

Episode 10 of Hidamari Sketch × ☆☆☆, in which Yuno flushes her keys down a school toilet, and ends up rooming with everyone in the Yamabuki Apartments.

Miyako's turn.

Miyako's turn.

This episode was sort of a deviation of the norm in terms of length (a full-length episode is a rarity in the later seasons), and in terms of how direct the focus was on characters.

Hiro's turn. With makeup.

Hiro's turn. With makeup.

From something as simple as their bedtime habits (their hair, preparation for the new day, night lights), and even their beds themselves, we get introduced to another aspect of the girls of Hidamari, this one being more intimate than usual.



But all the same, we still get examples of the togetherness of the apartment tenants, as each of them offer to provide shelter for one of their own when a minor misfortune happens. And we see that Yuno is lucky to easily get by with a little help from her friends for whenever.

Nazuna's bed, in this case.

Nazuna's bed, in this case.

To me, Sae’s habits stand out the most by virtue of her burning the midnight oil in order to finish her manuscript. We’ve seen some examples of how hard she works at her job, but never really with the wonder that Yuno has staring at her working her craft at a time while others are sleeping.

Sae's situation.

Sae's situation.

It’s not much of a moment for the year, I think, but for me, it’s enough. For a show where the routine is commonplace (for example, the morning stretches are always one of my favorite moments of an episode for me), it’s nice to through a little jolt into how that normal routine is executed every now and then.

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