12 Days of Anime, Day 2: From Her Heart To Ours

By TheBigN

Another day, another concert.

I liked the Kanon Nakagawa arc of The World God Only Knows, partly for its implausibility in the situation that Keima faced himself in as the one person that our idol focused on, and probably for realistically covering the life of an idol. As far as I know. But what got me was definitely the concert at the end to the arc. Leading up to it with Kanon losing confidence in her ability to make an impact, followed by her willingness to just make an impact for Keima as her loved one wasn’t really grabbing at all. I myself kinda wished they had more of a focus on why Kanon felt that way despite all the success that she was getting as an idol, and they kept hinting at something besides her history as a former member of a group, but nothing really came out of that too much. Then again, I’m not necessarily sure if getting into the bones of the motivations of her, or other heroines in the show, was the point. That being said, the concert more than made up for that.

All throughout the episodes of Kanon’s arc, as we saw Elsie’s adoration for the girl, we also saw the idol’s fan club as a constant presence, providing information and loads of passion as only fanatics would. The group constantly mentioned their support for Kanon, especially as she found out that she was able to do a Christmas Eve concert at her hometown performance hall. And they showed their support in cheering for Nakanon (fan nickname) while she was temporarily MIA because of her self-doubt. After her interaction with Keima restoring her belief in herself, she made sure that she gave a concert with the intent of thanking the crowd for their faith and support of her, and from the opening serenade of “Kanon” for the concert (see 6 minutes 18 seconds in to the following video) to the end of the episode, I was hooked:

What really got me was the first song sung, “Love Call”, as it was one that I hadn’t heard before, and of all of her songs, that one was my favorite. That song left me as spellbound as much as it did everyone in the audience, based their faces, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the glowsticks moving along to the songs as well from the crowd. “Happy Crescent” was fun to watch as well, with Kanon pumping up the crowd, with the latter responding with shoutouts, glowsticks, and a little wotagei as well. What sealed it for me was seeing Kanon still performing after the concert was over and everyone left, as it also meant that the concert affected her as much as it did the audience. She enjoyed being out there, which was as good as you could have hoped for.

3 Responses to “12 Days of Anime, Day 2: From Her Heart To Ours”

  1. 1 21stcenturydigitalboy December 25, 2010 at 12:44 am

    I loved this scene so much. It wasn’t ‘just another concert scene’ like I thought it might be. I got all tingly and emotional and that was great.

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