Cardcaptor Sakura 5&6

by dm00

Sakura expression of the week

The forums are were down, but that doesn’t stop being charmed weekly by watching Cardcaptor Sakura.

In episode five Sakura catches Kero-chan chatting up a plush-toy cat (see above) while looking for the plush toy that’s inhabited by the Jump card in a newly-opened shop near Sakura’s school. Meanwhile, Tomoyo is distracting the owner of the shop with a long monologue on video technology (including something of a poke at the fourth wall: after singing the praises of digital technology and its ability to make perfect copies, Tomoyo frets about copyright concerns).

Episode six tells us a bit more about Sakura’s mother, who died when Sakura was very young. A Clow Card haunts a wood near Sakura’s school. There, it gives people visions derived from their desires (hungry Tomoyo sees a giant meat-bun). For Sakura, it takes the form of her mother, and lures her over the edge of a cliff.

Fortunately, Sakura seems to receive some ghostly help to ease her down to the base of the cliff (where Yukito is conveniently walking by).

Sakura is afraid of ghosts, but probably not this one

1 Response to “Cardcaptor Sakura 5&6”

  1. 1 Telliamed August 17, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    1) Mitsuishi Kotono, yay!

    2) Tomoyo checking that the store is selling genuine Daidoji brand toys.

    3) How did they get all the toys back? I’m guessing Windy helped.

    4) Sakura clears the hurdle easily. Her poor classmate faceplants. ^_^

    5) Two battle costumes in ep. 6. Making up for not having one in ep. 5. Though that first with the rabbit ears has got to be one of the more ridiculous designs.

    6) Sakura went to sleep pretty quickly after drinking the milk. Ruphies?

    7) Touya gets called on being a siscon.

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