Last Exile: Fam/ episode 3 Easter egg

by dm00

A familiar friend from the original series reappears

And there’s a promise of more friends from the past: we hear about a mysterious ship, the Silvius, perhaps a refitted Silvana. It looks to me as though they’ve retained the Silvana’s uniform, too.

PS., I love those toys. They’re just right for that time and that place, and a nice touch to give the world of the series a bit of added depth.

PPS., the aerial Obon candles were a nice touch, too.

2 Responses to “Last Exile: Fam/ episode 3 Easter egg”

  1. 1 omo October 31, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    I caught the goat, but now that you pointed out to the other stuff, that’s pretty rich.

    I sort of glazed over the toys because they didn’t really pop out…whoever does layout for Gonzo need to step up their game. Or color direction, whichever. It’s like when I look at a cut of Penguindrum, it is so vivid and lively. When I see Last Exile it all kind of feels mushed together (if it isn’t CG).

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