Sugimoto strikes again: Kore kurai de utau

by dm00
This short film (a music video) tells a/many delightful story/stories through its visuals:

It’s by Sugimoto Kousuke, whose work has been here before.

Anime has a future.

PS., if you have a Crunchyroll account/membership, seek out the short Korean animation, “Break Ups”, about a couple who discover a time-machine in the midst of a break-up. It takes them back to incidents in their past together. It’s a simple animation style, but I think it tells its story well. It reminded me, in visual style, of Tatami Galaxy (which itself has a theme of time travel).

Update:Omo tells me you can link to “Break ups” (I’d been intimidated by the subscribers-only talk on the page, thinking it was some big secret or something). Here it is.

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