Ryushika, Ryushika 3 — Yotsuba’s evil twin studies optics and the onotology of the donut hole

by dm00

"No way!" the chameleon replies

Volume 3 of Yoshitoshi Abe’s Ryushika, Ryushika was released this week: more adventures of Yotsuba’s evil twin.

In this volume, Ryushika tries on her extremely near-sighted father’s glasses, and gets new ideas about the malleability of perception (a later chapter does much the same thing with her sense of smell, prompting the realization that rainclouds are cloths the gods use to wash the world). In the final chapter, her father asks her what happens to the hole as we eat the donut.

Along the way, Ryushika has nightmares about a creeper vine seeking revenge for being uprooted, and names her brother’s chameleon “Hamu” for the hamster she was expecting him to bring home, and more.

Almost all the dialogue is Ryushika musing, and misunderstanding, the world around her in the most energetic ways possible. Ryushika muses in simple sentences written in kana, so even someone with just a semester of Japanese can read it pretty easily (the adults around her do use kanji, some of which are moderately obscure, but clear from context, and with full furigana).

If you’re a fan of Yotsuba&!, especially if you’d like her more if she were a little brattier, and you have just a tiny bit of ability to read Japanese, the Ryushika, Ryushika volumes are certainly worth adding to your collection.

2 Responses to “Ryushika, Ryushika 3 — Yotsuba’s evil twin studies optics and the onotology of the donut hole”

  1. 1 Blik December 13, 2011 at 4:26 am

    What DOES happen to the hole as you eat a donut? (O.o)

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