The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Kagami – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

Pretty glad we’re more than halfway through this first round. This gets tiring after a while, but luckily the songs don’t, as these two polls indicate.


Uninstall (Bokurano OP)

Chiaki Ishikawa’s voice slides into the this solid pop song with interesting vocalizing at the start, showing off her range throughout the song especially in the chorus, and ultimately makes the song a forceful one.

Pure Snow (Himiko Den OP)

This is more of a pure pop song with a 90s feel to it (which given the show’s airing time makes time), but it’s a pretty good song that I’ve heard over the years even though I’ve never actually watched Legend of Himiko. I enjoy how the piano and strings merge nicely with the synth drums in the background music, and how Yuko Sasaki’s voice also works well for the song, although her voice isn’t as strong as I’d like here.  I really enjoy when the chorus hits here, and the instrumental outro to the song.

Which Do I Want to Win: Pure Snow
Which Do I Think Will Win: Uninstall
Why? Recency bias and familiarity. “Pure Snow” is dated, and while it’s aged pretty damn well, it’s still easy to note.


Nana Iro no Sora o (Aria the OVA ~Arietta~ OP)

Even for ARIA’s previous slow openings by Yui Makino, this one took the cake in terms of pace and length. But it’s also better than most of Makino’s efforts by keeping things simple, with the pandolim providing a nice little touch to the piano and string-driven piece. This song though becomes a little too long, especially given the frequent return to the main theme.

All Alone With You (Psycho Pass ED 2)

Another EGOIST track, and I still feel like Chelly’s breathy voice isn’t really being used properly. It comes off as oversinging a little bit in this subdued track that’s punctuated by a rocking chorus that feels a little out of left field based on how the song starts and ends.

Which Do I Want to Win: Nana Iro no Sora o
Which Do I Think Will Win: All Alone With You
Why? Recency bias. But I think that SONOROUS’ effort will give it a run for the money.


God only knows (The World God Only Knows OP 1)

I remember when the full version of the first song came out, as I enjoyed how the TV version came out as a techno-powered track that led to a generic pop track, then a more regal tone, which was fun when associated with the animation. And at that time, I was impressed by the lead in to the section that people knew of the song, as well as the fact that Oratorio The World God Only Knows continued messing with different themes throughout the track. But it can end up being a little messy though (especially if you realize that the song is in English), as well as long and ends abruptly, though that in of itself leads to one of the better endings out there:


Pride ~ Nageki no Tabi (Sousei no Aquarion insert song)

This is another song that I was in love with when I initially heard it. The time signature hooked me in, and AKINO’s vocals kept me in the song, as I especially enjoyed the chorus. Simple, short and sweet.

Which Do I Want to Win: Pride ~ Nageki no Tabi
Which Do I Think Will Win: God only knows
Why? Familiarity. Though I’m hoping I’m wrong here, and hope that “Pride” moves on nicely.


Komm süsser Tod – (End of Evangelion insert song)

This song is… a bit of an odd duck (and not Bach, to be sure) compared to other songs. It gives a vibe of some Beatles/Elton John early rock, but has a jazzy outlook to the song, Maybe it’s the vocals themselves, but the song sounds a little artificial though. Given that I haven’t seen the movie, I’m not affected by the use, so the song remains as an odd duck for me.

Konya wa Hurricane (Bubblegum Crisis OP)

80s ladies-led rock band Priss and the Reprlicants singing a nice driving rock song. Too bad it’s from an 80s OVA instead of a movie from one of the more well-known and influential anime works out there. :/

Which Do I Want to Win: Konya wa Hurricane
Which Do I Think Will Win: Komm süsser Tod
Why? Familiarity. And lol 80s, I guess.


Crossing Field (Sword Art Online OP)

This song loses its impact when you separate it from the animation montage that it’s associated with it. It just ends up with a sort of interesting fast-paced pop song. It’s a little more than what you’ve heard before, but not too memorable.

Sis Puella Magica! (Puella Magi Madoka Magica background music)

I’d like to think for many people, myself included, this song is the musical theme to the entire Madoka series. The haunting vocals that seem to suffuse despair into a music box-like melody with Latin guitars leading a sad serenade. Or something like that. Either way, this if probably my favorite track from Kajiura’s work from the series. When taken out of her general body of work, you’ve heard something like this before. Either way, it still resonates now as by itself, it set the tone for how the show would go.

Which Do I Want to Win: Sis Puella Magica!
Which Do I Think Will Win: Sis Puella Magica!
Why? Emotional investment and familiarity.


Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyo Kyoku Dai Nana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai” (Mouretsu Space Pirates OP 1)

More Momoiro Clover Z, and this is a fun one, with the operatic, JA Saezer-style background chorus lending an epic scale to this pop song. It can end up being a little too gimmicky though, especially given the spoken word by different young girls, pirate role-playing, that harpsichord and the almost too epic “lala” harmonic outro. But you can tell they had fun with this song.

Preserved Roses (Kakumeiki Valvrave OP)

The combination of Nana Mizuki and T.M. Revolution, if you know their previous musical body of work, should give you pause in considering how epic the resulting song could be. And they do a pretty job at pulling on the almost limp electronic background music, especially at their harmony in the vocals. But then again, the limp background music might end up doing them in as well.

Which Do I Want to Win: Push – I like both songs well here.
Which Do I Think Will Win: Preserved Roses
Why? Controlled epicness. I’m sure that people will be a little turned off by some of the gimmicks in Moretsu’s first opening.


Shut Up and Explode (Xam’d: Lost Memories OP 1)

A nice introduction to the electronic rock of Boom Boom Satellites, even if when the chorus hit, that string of “Run Away” is about 44 times too many. When the song comes together, there’s nothing better, really.

Heart Goes On (Heartcatch Precure! insert song)

This is not a bad duet pop song here. But it has a lot against it by being from a show that a lot of people probably haven’t watched (though from what I hear, it’s the best Precure series, so hey), and because it doesn’t differentiate itself from other pop songs that one might hear in anime.

Which Do I Want to Win: Shut Up and Explode
Which Do I Think Will Win: Shut Up and Explode
Why? (Some more) familiarity and song style. Though I doubt people will enjoy those constant refrains of “RUN AWAY” for much longer.


Sky Clad no Kansokusha (Steins;Gate ED 2)

A desperate sounding electropop song from Kanako Itou, who has better songs in this vein, but it’s not a bad song at all. The Latin-style harmonic singing at the start of each verse is mesmerizing, but when we get to the chorus, it looses that interesting feel. But it’s from a popular show, so…


Another sense of desperation suffuses this song. This song is produced by Yoko Kanno, and definitely gives me a feel of her work from Macross Frontier, as AKINO with bless4 channels some Maaya Sakamoto and May’n here. And while you’ve heard this side of Kanno before, it still rocks more socks than most stuff there. But it’s against a popular show, so…

Which Do I Want to Win: PARADOXICAL ZOO
Which Do I Think Will Win: Sky Clad no Kansokusha
Why? So… In my mind, Yoko Kanno > Itou Kanako in this battle. From what I’ve seen in some comments on this poll, Steins;Gate > Aquarion EVOL. I do believe that’s not the right way to vote for songs here. ;_;

Until next time.

3 Responses to “The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Kagami – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis””

  1. 1 omo September 14, 2013 at 12:18 am

    i more or less agree with everything again.

    I actually rate Crossing Field over Sis Puella Magica…probably because I might be one of those people who just don’t have that deep emotional attachment to Madoka or this track IRT Madoka. Maybe I like Mami more than Homura? I like Mirai a loooot more than Sis Puella Magica… Trash talking your favorite anime aside, I also think Crossing Field as LiSA’s best studio song so far.

  2. 2 TheBigN September 14, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Well, Madoka isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s hard for a song to top a Kajiura or Kanno song for me, among other things. My bias definitely shows. Crossing Field isn’t that bad of a song, but again, it’s just not that memorable to me.

  3. 3 Taka September 18, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Uninstall is the best song to sing along to…if you can. I can’t sing it in my tenor range (I’m a 2nd bass) and it sounds really awkward when I have to hit low G’s and F’s in my bass voice for the verses. It’s one of the many songs that makes me wish I was a tenor sometimes (or had a tenor range).

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