Seven Years Lucky, Seven Years Strong, I Guess.

By TheBigN

This post, with an interesting look at Acchi KochiGJ-Bu (which was a guilty pleasure for me as I watched it – felt so dirty with the constant ‘good-natured’ teasing of Kyouya) and Servant x Service also happened to link to a post I wrote some years back about how I’ve been bothered at how “slice of life” has been appropriated in describing shows. And I’m still bothered at what I think is a misuse of the concept, but it helps that I’ve heard the term used in those troublesome ways less than before. Besides that, it’s a good look at back at where I’ve been. You know, when I still had more free time than I have now and better  Internet to watch anime compared to now. I’m still trying though, as I’ve caught up to the silly clothing times of Kill La Kill, catching up to Adventurers living in the Database at Log Horizon, and trying to meet up with the continuation of Saki: The Nationals to see Hisa work out her own little bouts of nervousness to go back to being her awesome self. And dm00 picks up the slack by watching all of the shows that I want to see, but don’t have the time to (For serious).

And I’ve still gotten out to enjoy anime-related things outside of my home, from continuing to go to cons to experience things (Otakon 2013 was awesome for a variety of reasons, with Piano Me awesomely taking the cake) to watching the third Madoka Magica movie (my thoughts are that the ending makes sense given what we know about the characters. But still, DAMN YOU UROBUCHI!!!!  I should have known better!). I’m hoping the trend continues in a couple of days, weather permitting, by visiting Katsucon for fun.

Seven years spontaneously writing on this blog is a long time in plenty of ways, but I don’t feel like I’ve matured in a lot of ways since I’ve let the blog slip while concentrating on other important things (ones that others would say matter more). Maybe I guess that’s why I don’t feel the age quite as much this year. Like always, I’ll attempt to drop some posts here and there throughout this coming year, and I’m hoping dm00 and others would be willing to drop some thoughts of their own here as well about anime. It’s a good time of flux.

So yay, seven year anniversary!

And she's as dazzling as ever. Picture by NAKBE:

And she’s as dazzling as ever. Picture by NAKBE:

3 Responses to “Seven Years Lucky, Seven Years Strong, I Guess.”

  1. 1 omo February 12, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    It feels a little shameless to write anniversary posts when so few posts get on this blog, but i guess i can’t complain if an anniversary gets you to post.

    • 2 TheBigN February 14, 2014 at 6:13 pm

      I know man. I was deliberating on writing a post because of it. But I also figured that even if it’s a half-assed seven years, it’s still seven years. I’m a little shameless when it comes to DMAB.

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