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Galilei Donna 9




by dm00



In episode nine of Galilei Donna, Hozuki travels back in time (it turns out goldfish are baited with wormholes) and meets Galileo, who has not only pioneered flight a couple of centuries early, but who has even invented statistical graphics a couple of centuries before Playfair

I think the creators of this series have confused him with the inconveniently childless Leonardo Davinci.

Sometimes I think I’m really only watching this series for Kazuki’s pageboy.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Putting out the fires of Mt. Hiei

by dm00


Using Hanbei the loliconmyouji’s powers to douse the flaming temples of Mt. Hiei is an interesting thing to do to history.

This show has been better than I expected, but not as good as I’d hoped.

It has the feeling that they rushed to cram the series into its single-season gamble, putting entire campaigns off-screen, covered with a single sentence uttered by the narrator.  I hope, if there is a second season, that they’re able to relax and let the story breathe a little (or that they’re able to learn some lessons from Horizon on the middle of nowhere about how to cram ten pounds of plot into a five pound time-slot).

(Yes, this post exists solely to give a home to “loliconmyouji”.)

Horizon on the Border of Gensokyou

by dm00

All she needs is a frilly blue kimono, she’s already got the butterfly motif and the pink hair.

(I hope that image shows up as an animated gif.)

If Walsingham’s first attack in episode five of Horizon on the middle of nowhere II wasn’t evidence enough of Touhou influence, in episode six Kimi, Tomo, and the refugees arrive via Yukari-express:

Horizon on the border of Gensokyou

So many kinds of fan-service (billions and billions of fandoms served). So much action (has the sakuga brigade cottoned to Horizon yet?).

As a side note, much of the…. er, “scenery” and dialogue (especially Neito’s finishing move) seemed like a cocking of the snoot at the Horizon on tits project.

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Interrupted phone calls from India, disappearances….

by dm00

…a mystery haunting the school.  Wasn’t there another anime like this recently?

Strike Warlock

by dm00

…except I guess he wears pants.

Ben-tou in one word

by dm00


Fate/stay nought

by dm00

Please, ufoTable, claymation Magical Girl Rin for the ED

So much talking. But so pretty.

Who am I kidding? I’ll eat this up.

Yuno What It Is

By TheBigN

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but this Wiz Khalifa x Hidamari Sketch mashup linked on an IRC channel by an awesome soul is hilarious and clever in concept, decent in execution. “Black and Yellow” indeed.

Happy April Fools’ Day.

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