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Photoslop and bad puns

by dm00

There's not Yotsuba! anime, but you could vote for Yotsuboryzae.

There's no Yotsuba! anime, but you could vote for Yotsuboryzae in last year's AGP.

Omo has already blogged about this, and Schneider has given a personal view of the first round.

It’s a lot of fun, with people finding ways to promote their favorite characters and anime — sometimes with text, sometimes with images, sometimes with faked newspapers, and sometimes with the surreal.

Once, with a series of recipes.

Last year, the AGP was taken a bit by surprise when a mob of cosplaying microbes suddenly appeared.

You couldn't vote for Akari (she'd lost in an earlier round), but you could vote for Akoryzae.

You couldn't vote for Akari (she'd lost in an earlier round), but you could vote for Akoryzae.

The whole thing was inspired by the already-almost-oryzae Aria super-deformed style.
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More Saori Sakura… and Nanoha!?

Internet forums can be a useful thing sometimes, as you can get some really interesting stuff from them. I’m not sure if you can call this example that, but it’s still enjoyable. Have fun with the “Nanoha de Kishimen” OP:

Anime character tournaments: Fun for you and me?

As anime fans, we all have certain shows and characters that we adore for some reason or another.  At the same time, we also seem to like sharing this adulation with other fans, which can often end up defining our relationship with these people for the rest of all time.  I’m sure there have been times where you remember being convivial when you found others echoing your sentiments, or having extremely antagonistic periods when the people you talk to just don’t see things your way.  For example, it’s hard to explain what I like about something like YKK to someone who dislikes anime of that nature, and it can be frustrating for me when a person doesn’t give the manga/anime a chance (You should. It’s pretty good. :D).  How easy one is willing to change their mindset in what they watch seems to be important in your ability to “reach” them.  😛

Real hardcore explorer.

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