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Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Putting out the fires of Mt. Hiei

by dm00


Using Hanbei the loliconmyouji’s powers to douse the flaming temples of Mt. Hiei is an interesting thing to do to history.

This show has been better than I expected, but not as good as I’d hoped.

It has the feeling that they rushed to cram the series into its single-season gamble, putting entire campaigns off-screen, covered with a single sentence uttered by the narrator.  I hope, if there is a second season, that they’re able to relax and let the story breathe a little (or that they’re able to learn some lessons from Horizon on the middle of nowhere about how to cram ten pounds of plot into a five pound time-slot).

(Yes, this post exists solely to give a home to “loliconmyouji”.)

UK gets Tatami Galaxy on DVD

by dm00

If you have a multi-region DVD player, you, too, can seek the raven-haired beauty

For years British anime fans have been importing US anime DVDs. Now we in the US can return the favor.

When I ordered my copy from they didn’t charge this gaibrit value-added-tax, so, even with shipping, it was a little cheaper than the £25.99 list price.

In last Friday’s ANNCast, Funimation representatives Marketing manager Adam Sheehan and Director of Corporate Strategy Lance Heiskell talked about the prospects of titles they’d streamed, and it didn’t sound to me as though there’s any hope of a home-video release in the US.

I will be terribly embarassed if this turns out to be a boot-leg. However, none of the tell-tale signs are there: it’s not a region-free disk, the episodes are on three disks and not crowded onto two (or one).
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Hunting whales from vanscooters

by dm00

The Dread Pirate Silvius

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver wingsepisode four made good use of the first series’ soundtrack as Fam bites off more than she can chew.

Send not to know for whom the pancakes rise, they rise for thee.

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Mardock Scramble GN 1

by dm00

Don't completely judge this book by this cover

The first Mardock Scramble graphic novel arrived in the mail the other day, and I thought it was pretty good, save for the fact that Oeufcoque is a little over-powered — Superman syndrome robs the plot of a lot of its tension. Still, his charge has to survive long enough for the plot to actually get going, I suppose.

I haven’t read the real novel yet, nor seen the film. For those who have, GN1 takes us from Balot’s (I now know that as another egg reference in a book with characters “Shell”, “Oeufcoque”, “Boiled”, and “Easter”, thanks to Hanasaku Iroha) death to the first encounter with Boiled.

In an early flashback, we learn that Rune Balot is a homeless girl who is “rescued” from a freezing park by Shell, an obviously wealthy and powerful man. A few pages later, he kills her, destroying his car with a bomb to destroy the evidence.

All in the first ten pages of the book.

Balot awakens with a new body, a lot of despair, and the ability to manipulate electricity and matter. Her rescuers Oeufcoque and Easter offer to help her get a revenge she’s not interested in, or perhaps they’re asking her to help them apprehend Shell and put a stop to his murder-spree.

Balot uses her power to flee, but Oeufcoque pursues her.

As the book progresses, Oeufcoque, a shape-shifting artificial being, tries many interestingly psychological approaches to teaching Balot how to be human again. He’d make a good therapist, though his first challenge is getting his charge to want to be cured.

The art is great (the style inside is somewhat different from the cover — I’m not even sure it’s the same artist). Balot’s character design often reminds me of Mohiro Kitoh’s (Narutaru, Bokurano) work. At other times I find myself thinking of Battle Angel Alita. The artist handles action-scenes well: lots of dynamism, and one is never confused about what is happening.

Fans of the original Ghost in the Shell movie will take pleasure in the obvious reference to the end of the film as Balot awakens sitting in a chair, seen face-on from across the room.

Sengoku Witches: Oda Nobunaga’s strike witch

by dm00

The word for today is "fundoshi"

What if Mori Ranmaru, Oda Nobunaga’s page, was the Sengoku Period’s equivalent of a strike witch?
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Yumekui Merry 7

by dm00

I find myself wondering why I am watching this show (good heavens, a beach episode). But then they do something like this:

Look at the reflections on his face

….and this:

The reflections on the faucet, yes, but if this were animated, you'd see the water flowing

….and this:

Oh, God, that background

….and at the other end of the episode….

….and I understand.

Mind you, Sunset Merry was preceded by the work of their C-team animators who animated the surf washing around (more like through) the feet of Merry and Yumeji, and it looked terrible. But someone was hard at work on beautiful imagery.

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