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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Pedro – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

We get a nice “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!” here compared to the bracket namesake’s trademark “NOOOOOOOOOO!” as we come to the last bracket of the first round, with the second set of polls close to finishing, the first set already completed. Sixteen more songs to randomly and shoddily pontificate about, in what’s been an intriguing, and sometimes confusing, tournament so far. Many takeaways to come later. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Pedro – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

A Belated Welcome

To those of you who are here from The Aniblog Tourney visiting this blog for the first time, those of you who are constant return visitors despite the relative “lack” of “posts” on the blog from me  (medical school is a hell of a time sink, you know) and my fellow awesome authors, those of you who are fans of GAR GAR Stegosaurus (epic name of a blog, fun times to be had there as well) and want to check out the competition for this round, and so on, I graciously welcome you to Drastic My Anime Blog. There’s not necessarily a set purpose to this blog since it started in February 2007, and it ends up being a bunch of ramblings about anime from myself, TheBigN, and two others, dm00 and nomadotto, along with any other people interested in writing guest posts or writing for the blog in the future.  People say we write editorials in general, so let’s go with that in terms of what type of blog this is. Either way, these ramblings can be serious business or seriously random, and they can even just be about anime in a more tangential sense than the medium itself, but they’re definitely sincere, and I hope they’re entertaining or interesting to you.

As this is the first round (and possibly last) for DMAB in this tournament, I’m not sure what needs to be done to win this matchup and possibly face off against either Mistakes of Youth or AstroNerdBoy, so any suggestions to go for the win (since we’re in it, let’s do it!) are cool save for slander, which I don’t like and suck at (mutually ex clusive reasons) or sucking up to the Tourney organizers that be could be good.  Of course, writing more is always an option (thank you omo :v), and barring other obligations, lack of time, and access to internet among other things, there should be more writing here in the near future. But as for what is already here, if you’re interested in learning more about the authors or the blog itself, the respective links are here and here. There’s the tag cloud and list of categories on the right side of the page if something catches your fancy, and more specific examples follow.  If you’re looking for thoughts in some of the current titles of today, or of yesteryear, the musings category might be where it’s at. There’s some occasional posts on music and manga, posts that list our “gripes”, and posts where I think more about how we as anime fans go with our passions, and what comes with it. And of course, there is always random stuff, random looks back to time long past, random self-patting on the back posts, and random pictures… mostly of Shikieiki.

One more thing. As someone who has helped try to run something like the Aniblog Tourney before, one of the things I like about efforts like these is getting people to learn more about blogs that they otherwise would not pay attention to beforehand, and I hope that this round is the same for others. And one thing that I also want is for people, regardless of whether you’ve been here before or not, to list any comments, critiques, criticisms, commendations, or any other forms of communication that they want to about this blog. It would be cool if we could use this week-long spotlight, if this is all we get, to see where we are in the eyes of others, as well as to see where the blog can go from here.

That being said, please vote for us from the kindness of your heart. 😛

Vote for Miyako Redux!

By TheBigN

While I thought that Miyako might be able to get past Rena in the last round of Saimoe, I was surprised when the result actually turned out to be so (lol @Rena taken home). Against Tomoyo, I still have faith that she can come through, but I’m not sure that others believe as well. If you don’t know Hidamari Sketch or don’t care about Miyako, why not continue to make Saimoe interesting and not a bland coronation of CLANNAD characters (I’d say KyoAni, but Kagami’s still there. <3)? Besides, Tomoyo’s indeed awesome, but Miyako’s much more so. In my heart at least. (I do realize that I haven’t really enumerated reasons for why Miyako is better than Tomoyo, but fanatacism is good enough right?) 😛

The roses always know.

The roses always know.

And continuing along the original vein, vote for Kirino! You know you want to. 😛

Vote for Miyako!

You know you want to. 😛

Beat Rena at her own game, especially because she took out Yuno last year.

Do it for her. And do it for the watermelon.

Do it for her. And do it for the watermelon.

By TheBigN

Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 5: Homecoming

By TheBigN(o U)

It doesn’t hurt being the second oldest out of seven siblings, where you have loads of responsibility but not as much as the oldest one, but you still have a little leeway to get away with some things as the younger siblings do. At least that’s the situation that I found myself in, and still sort of till today. But of course, experiences differ in that case. One thing I didn’t necessarily like about things set themselves up (because who can control when they are born, other than the powers that be?) is the fact that my social identity can still be defined based on my relationship to my fellow siblings. Now that I’m in med school while my other siblings are still doing their thing, it’s not too much of a problem. But the fact that I can still run into people who say, “oh it’s X’s younger brother/Y’s older brother” can get annoying. Naturally, this reaction is a bit over the top when considering who people are more familiar with and so on, but sometimes I feel like I’m weighed down by any comparisons made about us, as I want to be regarded as my own person.

Can we keep her?

Can we keep her?

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ABA Nominations From The “Third Wheel” of The ABA Committee: For I Am A Copycat And An Attention Seeker

But then again, aren’t most of us like that? 😛

Written by TheBigN

There have already been substantial posts in content from other members of the committee trying to bring to successful fruition the Anime Blog Awards, so chances are that this isn’t really going to be one of them. But I’ll rehash some thoughts that I had about them anyway, so you never know. I don’t think I really need to say this, but these views are mine alone and not representative of the ABA committee as a whole. There’s no real hivemind here, no matter how much people would like to think so. Okay, maybe Impz, but it’s okay if it’s him/her. 😛

Here comes the text onslaught.

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Saimoe Has Left Me in Despair: Random Thoughts

Written by TheBigN

I’m bitter, so expect some ranting.

At the moment the bitterness is because Yuno lost to someone who seems to hit the right buttons for fans (for reasons I can’t/don’t want to understand), and also comes from a better known show (that’s why the system hurts sometimes: familiarity breeds votes). But then again that’s been the case for a lot of characters that have been knocked out in Saimoe. What it basically means is that I don’t understand. The concept of Saimoe itself, to find the most “moe” character, has been iffy to me. Given that the term “moe” itself is hard to define as a whole (everyone has their own opinions and such), a tournament based on it seems strange even if it is fun. And when you get down to it, it becomes less about the moe merits a character has, and more about how popular a series is in later stages are more characters go out. But this is known knowledge already.

Comtemplation isn’t a bad thing.

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Anime Character Tournaments Rehash

Well, things have ended and others have only really just begun. The tournaments have been enough to make feelings known (sorta) and rivalries flare. This is what it’s all about, and while they might not be executed in the best way possible, if they get the blood boiling, the creative juices flowing, the bonds severing/forming, and the joy/agony swirling, something special is going on. Do you feel it like you feel the March of Madness? And if so, do you embrace it?

They know what it’s all about.

The Authors (with others, too.)

The Good Old Days

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