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My Delusions As A Fanboy: If Moe Is A Cancer…

By TheBigN

What type of cancer would it be? Something slow-growing, yet considered incurable like a chronic lymphocytic leukemia? Something that could have been avoided if people didn’t use certain things too much, like smoking with lung cancers? Something that’s silent until it’s too late, like some forms of pancreatic cancer? Course, I have problems with hearing this metaphor in the first place, as it paints moe as something that’s negative, bothersome, and ultimately ruinous for anime, and I wonder why? Whether you agree with that or not (and I feel like I’m simplifying things too much here, in my opinion), I feel like moe is used as a scapegoat too much, where people use it as the answer du jour for whatever ails anime, and I never feel comfortable about that.

If you get the reference, you win.

Is the answer really cancer?

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Fandom is doomed

By Nomad (Brain the size of a planet and here I am… ) Otto

In the not too distant future (by the end of this week), I’ll be headed out to France to work on the experiment which will make up my thesis. This will mean that I have a month of limited to no internet access, which means that I can throw some firebombs around and BigN will have to clean up the mess. I do this because in addition to studying science, I’m also making a career of evil (as per the Blue Oyster [I wish I knew how to do the umlat in HTML] Cult, though mad science might be a better description); learning to rain on the parade is a vital skill, vital to spotting errors in plans etc. Therefore, let the flaming begin!


Bombs Away!

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My Delusions As A Fanboy: Got Your (Scape)Goat Handy?

By TheBigN

Despite me getting annoyed by the end of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (mainly just execution problems, and that might be another story), there are still plenty of moments that made me feel glad that I actually took time to watch the series.  One specific moment came during episode 7, one of the episodes that many I read on the internet regard as one of the show’s best. In that moment Yuuto confronts Haruka’s father for denouncing her hobby without knowing anything about it. Noting that the love and passion that Haruka has for things like anime, manga and their corresponding culture are comparable to the feelings that other people have for their own hobbies, Yuuto points out how strange it is that (in this case) Akiba-kei are shunned by everyone else despite those similarities.  “Isn’t that just too weird?” he asks, and while that question is never answered (part of my annoyance :P), it did raise up something that comes to my mind every once in a while.

She did not have to kill him, did she?

She did not have to kill him, did she?

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