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The Little Vagabond (William Blake meets Sakura Kyouko)

by dm00

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The second coming (no spoilers)

by dm00

Poem by W. B. Yeats, images gleaned from the net, with apologies to the artists.

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(image source)

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Dr. Whomura gets ready for Apr. 21

by dm00

Dr. Whomura vs the Dalekyuubeys

The Megatokyo Anime Forum’s annual Anime Grand Prix is winding down with a surprisingly lopsided match between Kyuubey and Homura (paralleling a much more competitive match between Saber and Durarara!!’s Celty).

The Anime forum at Megatokyo is a hot-bed of SHAFT fanboys — half the eight quarter-finalists are from SHAFT shows, and SHAFT (particularly Madoka Magica) was well represented in the earlier rounds (even Madoka’s made it into the contest).

I should probably have mentioned the AGP earlier so people could participate in more than the endgame (especially since newcomers can’t vote until after they’ve posted a few times in the forums as an anti-sockpuppet measure). While the clubby atmosphere might be a bit intimidating, campaigning in it is more fun than most anime character competitions — creativity is rewarded. While most campaigns consist of images gleaned from the net (sometimes with added commentary) some contributions can be pretty stunning (people have written video-games in support of their characters (this is made easier with the advent of HTML5)).

And some of us just do Photoshop collages with bad puns.

Brew! Brew! Fight the powah!

by dm00

Ironically, "Moya-simon" is the spelling Del Rey plans to use for the manga

Ironically, "Moya-simon" is the spelling Del Rey plans to use for the Moyashimon manga

The Anime Grand Prix continues (earlier post here). This year, Oryzae was nominated again (and largely coasted through the initial elimination round on a “brew and memories” campaign, in which lastarial threatened us with apocalyptic visions of a fermentation-free alternate world.
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Photoslop and bad puns

by dm00

There's not Yotsuba! anime, but you could vote for Yotsuboryzae.

There's no Yotsuba! anime, but you could vote for Yotsuboryzae in last year's AGP.

Omo has already blogged about this, and Schneider has given a personal view of the first round.

It’s a lot of fun, with people finding ways to promote their favorite characters and anime — sometimes with text, sometimes with images, sometimes with faked newspapers, and sometimes with the surreal.

Once, with a series of recipes.

Last year, the AGP was taken a bit by surprise when a mob of cosplaying microbes suddenly appeared.

You couldn't vote for Akari (she'd lost in an earlier round), but you could vote for Akoryzae.

You couldn't vote for Akari (she'd lost in an earlier round), but you could vote for Akoryzae.

The whole thing was inspired by the already-almost-oryzae Aria super-deformed style.
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