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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Pedro – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

We get a nice “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!” here compared to the bracket namesake’s trademark “NOOOOOOOOOO!” as we come to the last bracket of the first round, with the second set of polls close to finishing, the first set already completed. Sixteen more songs to randomly and shoddily pontificate about, in what’s been an intriguing, and sometimes confusing, tournament so far. Many takeaways to come later. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Pedro – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

Thoughts on Hidamari Sketch x365 Episode 8: Fly Like An Eagle

By TheBigN(ooooooooooooooooo!)

From my limited experiences in my 22 years of life, I’m always surprised by how sports take a hold of our lives.  It tends to be an instant starting point of connection between people, a source of collective joy and agony, and probably one of the more politically correct ways to classify people into groups and do battle against them.  For example, as a Washington Redskins fan, I have no love lost for the rest of the NFC East, so the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles can all crash and burn as far as I care. And of course alliances and the like can form, such as the collective dislike of the New England Patriots as they “smugly” pursued their quest for perfection last season. But as seen in the previous sentences, sometimes sports can get too serious business, and I fear that sort of attitude moves into other areas, based on how obsessed people can get with politics as if political parties were playing for the World Cup and not for the whole well-being of the country. So when seeing things like, say, a high school’s Field Day, it’s a nice change of pace to observe some positive aspects of sports. But I sort of digress from here. 😛 sell tortillas for a living.

In a world where you must fight to survive, an unlikely band of heroes came together...

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Slice of Life: A Writer’s Stagnation

Written by TheBigN

I was interested by Hidoshi’s recent post about Slice of Life shows and how they work for people who desire/don’t care much for closure, which definitely isn’t a sure thing when watching this genre (I myself am in the latter, but that’s another thing entirely). The heated responses (brilliant or terrible) to the ending of The Sopranos (a nice variation on the slice-o’-life ending, from what I heard) are indicative of that. 😀 I commented that most fans of the genre tend to focus on the journey taken throughout the show rather than what happens at the end, since the end is usually a continuation of the journey. Whether we like it or not, life goes on as normal, and it’s usually with some sadness that I finish experiencing slice-of-life material. To me, if the story is interesting, then it can go on forever as far as I’m concerned. But Hidoshi then remarked that sooner or later, things will get boring, and because people’s tastes and tolerance for boring things varies from person to person, I decided to think and write about what keeps me interested in the genre, in no preferential order. There has to be some reasons why I like shows that bore other people quickly (usually with cries such as, “Nothing’s Happening!” as my partner-in-crime sometimes says. :P) .

Does Kokone have a secret?

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