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12 Days of Anime, Day 11: 3 Idiots and An Epic Pencil

By TheBigN

This year definitely has more than 12 random moments I can pick that best signified what made this year awesome for me anime-wise. Problem is, I wasn’t sure if I could actually make posts about them (the effort, oh my god!). I mean, I missed the first day already (but will make up for it in the future, I think), and depending on how busy the next couple of days are, more could be around the corner.  Let’s see what happens next though.

Striker Sigma V. The best pencil ever.

Striker Sigma V. The best pencil ever.

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Hideyoshi Kinoshita and Another “Level” of Trap?

By TheBigN

Granted, this would probably work much better if this post came out while Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu was still on, but I think it still works regardless. 😛

I don’t necessarily think it’s a secret, but I’m not sure if I’ve expressed my interest in “traps”, or wholesome convincing male crossdressers (yeah. :/), here a lot.  You know, how they change “rules and expectations” of what gender is supposed to be. How they help provide examples of the fluidity of attraction and the rationalizations that some people bring up when they want to stay within what’s considered normal. The confusion that they can inflict in others (see: Prunus Girl) as well as sometimes in themselves (see: Hourou Musuko, and if only Minami-ke was a more serious work. Yes, I went there because the possibilities of Mako-chan seem endless. On that note, I’m very tempted to try to get Idolmaster Dearly Stars because of Ryou Akizuki’s situation and how he deals with it). And so on.

One thing that tends to stick in my mind regarding these characters are the comfort levels that they are shown to have regarding their respective situations and status. Disregarding, you know, reality, and all of that, the main struggles if you can call them that seem to be internal rather than external in terms of the acceptance of a trap (some exceptions to this rule are really awesome, like Hourou Musuko). And by that, I mean how comfortable they are with themselves rather than how others see them (how often do we see someone really not take a convincing crossdresser in stride in purposes that aren’t comedic, for example?).  We have plenty of examples about males who are embarrassed about their situation of being put up0n for a variety of reasons (like Combutler Hayate or Ryou), and we have many examples of males who are comfortable with their identity as gender obsfucators, and use it to their advantage (like Aikawa from Prunus Girl or Jun from Happiness!!). But  I haven’t seen a lot of traps take things in stride like Hideyoshi Kinoshita does, and it leads to a different kind of comfort to me, and another interesting look at how to look at these characters as a whole.

And so it begins.

And so it begins. If you can find the source, please let me know.

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