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A Pleasant Surprise, Again: Beelzebub ED 3

Lack of time means in general means lack of time to watch anime, which makes catching up a little chore and generally ends up with me getting to things a little “later” than everyone else. Like with the second ending of Beelzebub, I come to the third ending several episodes behind, and it is at episode 24 where they switch openings and endings again. In this case, the song (“Nanairo Namida” by Tomato n’ Pine) is better than the second ED, but the ending animation wows me again (as it noticeably short-circuited ghostlightning months ago):

This time the direction was done from one Masashi Ishihama, and that name doesn’t quite ring a bell for me as much as Umetsu’s, despite actually speaking to him and getting an autograph (I think I did) from him at Otakon 2010. But on looking at some of the properties he’s worked on, he’s done animation and character design for a variety of works including the Read or Die works and Speed Grapher. But he’s also done a variety of recognizable OPs from other shows including Kamichu! and Welcome to the NHK! (Videos after jump)  Continue reading ‘A Pleasant Surprise, Again: Beelzebub ED 3’

Winter Anime Season Initial Impressions

Again doing something a little different here, where in this post, some authors of DMAB will note quick impressions and, in some cases, unnecessary snap judgements of some of the shows that start this season. Long post will be long for sure. Since the opinions can be long and unwieldy, various authors will be color-coded to tell them apart (though it probably won’t be for your reading pleasure, now that I think about it), with Link in the normal everyday black, TheBigN’s opinions in reasonable orange, and dm00’s opinions in the other end of the RGB spectrum. Too make this even harder to read for many, pictures might be at a minimum here. Have fun! 😀 Continue reading ‘Winter Anime Season Initial Impressions’

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