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Is anime deep? What are you doing with your lemons?

Written By TheBigN

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I’m sure that many of us tend to realize that there are delineations regarding anime fans as a whole. But actually defining those distinctions tends to be difficult. I would assume that in order to be a fan, one must like what they’re watching, but other than that, things tend to diverge. What shows someone will watch, what paraphernalia someone will obtain, how one expressed their love, if at all (why am I writing this blog, for example? :P), etc. tend to cover many bases, and are also limited to what means people have for doing these things. I lament the summer break because of my inability to obtain, let alone watch much anime during the time, for example, and many of us have moments where we would get that series if only we had the pecuniary support for it (some still obtain it at great cost physically, but psychologically? Who knows? ). How one looks at anime is just another one of those indefinable examples.

Pretty, but is it deep?

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