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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Kagami – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

Pretty glad we’re more than halfway through this first round. This gets tiring after a while, but luckily the songs don’t, as these two polls indicate. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Kagami – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

In Other Random Useless News…

I found this random K-On! MAD that I’m sure that everyone else has seen already, but I still think it’s neat:

It’s funny to see this done from just one episode of the show at that time, but lol creativity I guess. I wish there was more on the animeblogging end regarding the show, myself included. Superficial comparisons to other shows and saying Mio is a tsundere are still sorta annoying (can someone please tell me how she’s a tsundere. Please.), but I do like how recently posts seem more level then at the start. Not as much “so moe I died” or “moe sucks GTFO” posts on either side, which is great.

Continue reading ‘In Other Random Useless News…’

Undine Nakiami

by dm00

Watch Xam'd now.

Watch Xam'd now.

Late update: memes from the Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix, where Nakiami was (sadly) defeated, due to too little familiarity with her series (and the rallying cry became “Watch Xam’d now!”), and where Akari was in a match-up at the time of this posting.

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