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Wolf, Spice, and Currency: The Economics of Wolf and Spice

   By Nomad (is not an economist) Otto
    At the suggestion of BigN, and because there hasn’t been much to blog about, anime wise (Zetsubou continues and is frequently funny, Wolf and Spice continues, and doesn’t suck, Mne..something was a pretty good ova, for basically being a story of tits and explosions, nothing else is starting before april) I’m going to talk about what the hell is going on in Spice and Wolf, in terms of the great currency plot. This post doesn’t really have much to do with anime in general, and might tend to sound like a lecture you’d hear from your TA, but is useful if you’re trying to figure out why people are doing what they are. I’ll begin with a discussion of what money is, and, from there, I’ll move on to discuss the three different types of currency, and why the economics of Wolf and Spice are the way they are.

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