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Waga Tomoyo, Kaetekita! (わが友よ、帰ってきた)

By Nomadotto 

Alright, I’ve been to Japan, Baltimore, and everywhere in between over the last month and a half, and, so, I haven’t been able to post much. However, since I have about a week before I start teaching I now have a fat stack of time, and, so, prepare for a wave of anecdotes, anime garbage and doom (of the epic kind).  For now, have some Korean One Piece fan art (sorry, don’t know the artist) while you wait for more fun below the fold!

Korean One Piece fan-art

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Flight of the Daikons!?

So, if you readers have HBO and have watched it recently, you might have come up across ads for a new comedy, Flight of the Conchords.  I’ve seen the three episodes that have come out so far, and each has been hilarious in their own way (which is kind of hard to do in entertainment nowadays).  For those who are lazy to click the link, the show revolves around a duo of New Zealanders known as Bret and Jemaine who try to become a popular band in New York City.  The chemistry between the two with themselves and others as well as the band’s penchant for randomly breaking into song depending on the situation makes it fun for me.  After a couple of minutes watching though, I found myself reminded of that crazy Nabeshin work, Nerima Daikon Brothers, and how there are similarities (and sorta-similarities) between the two musical comedies.  Given that I’ve only seen three episodes of NDB, this shouldn’t be too in-depth. 😛

Why are the mascots so damn charismatic?

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The Afro in Anime: Rebirth of Cool (Slick Like Dat)

A short sentence from this post got me started on this hopefully fun topic. In terms of real life, the afro as a normal hairstyle seems to have been out of commission for a while, and is usually played to comedic effect nowadays. It seems silly/sad when someone has one because it’s a relic of times past were things like disco reigned supreme (and who wants to remember that that they ever participated in something like that. :P), and despite some people’s best efforts to bring afro back, it hasn’t taken so far. Is anime the next big hope? One would think so, as the hairstyle has seen a resurgence of some sorts in many shows.

Exuding manliness from his core.

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