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A Pleasant Surprise, Again: Beelzebub ED 3

Lack of time means in general means lack of time to watch anime, which makes catching up a little chore and generally ends up with me getting to things a little “later” than everyone else. Like with the second ending of Beelzebub, I come to the third ending several episodes behind, and it is at episode 24 where they switch openings and endings again. In this case, the song (“Nanairo Namida” by Tomato n’ Pine) is better than the second ED, but the ending animation wows me again (as it noticeably short-circuited ghostlightning months ago):

This time the direction was done from one Masashi Ishihama, and that name doesn’t quite ring a bell for me as much as Umetsu’s, despite actually speaking to him and getting an autograph (I think I did) from him at Otakon 2010. But on looking at some of the properties he’s worked on, he’s done animation and character design for a variety of works including the Read or Die works and Speed Grapher. But he’s also done a variety of recognizable OPs from other shows including Kamichu! and Welcome to the NHK! (Videos after jump)  Continue reading ‘A Pleasant Surprise, Again: Beelzebub ED 3’

Slice of Life: A Writer’s Stagnation

Written by TheBigN

I was interested by Hidoshi’s recent post about Slice of Life shows and how they work for people who desire/don’t care much for closure, which definitely isn’t a sure thing when watching this genre (I myself am in the latter, but that’s another thing entirely). The heated responses (brilliant or terrible) to the ending of The Sopranos (a nice variation on the slice-o’-life ending, from what I heard) are indicative of that. 😀 I commented that most fans of the genre tend to focus on the journey taken throughout the show rather than what happens at the end, since the end is usually a continuation of the journey. Whether we like it or not, life goes on as normal, and it’s usually with some sadness that I finish experiencing slice-of-life material. To me, if the story is interesting, then it can go on forever as far as I’m concerned. But Hidoshi then remarked that sooner or later, things will get boring, and because people’s tastes and tolerance for boring things varies from person to person, I decided to think and write about what keeps me interested in the genre, in no preferential order. There has to be some reasons why I like shows that bore other people quickly (usually with cries such as, “Nothing’s Happening!” as my partner-in-crime sometimes says. :P) .

Does Kokone have a secret?

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Impressions on Kamichu!: Needed More Miyazaki Merging

This post about how Dennou Coil evokes Hayao Miyazaki (which raises interesting points) reminded me of when I watched another anime that some have said also reminded them of the renowned director. The premise of a middle-school girl suddenly becoming a god and all that followed (attempting to discover what her ablities were, using them for good and for awesome, and balancing that with normal school life) was interesting. It was slow-paced and nice slice-of-life, two things that I really like (friends noted this, calling Kamichu! “my type of show” before I watched it).  And a couple of friends stated that for some reason, he just felt happy for a while after finishing the series.  So Kamichu! piqued my interest, and it helped that my college anime club was showing it this past spring semester.  When we completed it, I did like what I saw, but something nagged me.  Despite many nice ingredients, the series didn’t push the right buttons for me to consider it as something really great instead of only a pretty good show. As if that’s a bad thing though. 😛

Cherry blossoms always make things better.

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