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In Pursuit of Awesome (A New Season of Reviews)

By Nomad Otto

Alright, the first midterm in the class I’m teaching is over, so I have a break in the grading, moreover, I was a good person, and did a large chunk of my homework over the last couple of days, so I have time to watch things, and, then, now, to write about them. This new season is fairly short on Nomad shows, but heavy on Bign shows, so don’t expect to see lots of positive reviews. Also, though fall is my favorite season, the fact that it’s not flipping cold enough means that I can’t enjoy the main benefit of the colder temperatures, the ability to wear heavier clothes without seeming like a terrorist or thief. Finally, the joys of teaching are somewhat mitigated by the fact that some of my “kids” are lazy sacks of shit, and since my continued funding depends on the mercy of my reviews, both from the prof and from the kids, if they don’t do well, I look bad, and I might have to get a real job.

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Waga Tomoyo, Kaetekita! (わが友よ、帰ってきた)

By Nomadotto 

Alright, I’ve been to Japan, Baltimore, and everywhere in between over the last month and a half, and, so, I haven’t been able to post much. However, since I have about a week before I start teaching I now have a fat stack of time, and, so, prepare for a wave of anecdotes, anime garbage and doom (of the epic kind).  For now, have some Korean One Piece fan art (sorry, don’t know the artist) while you wait for more fun below the fold!

Korean One Piece fan-art

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