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Nomad’s Super Awesome Manga Review part Two + Genshiken!!!one111

By Nomad “I can’t belive I’m writing this with a headache when I’ve got three problem sets and a research presentation due next week” Otto

Alright, folks, I promised another chapter of the endless manga review cycle that is my life, well, not counting the research, the teaching, the ass-kicking, and the being a murdering kill-bot. Not many volumes of stuff this time, and the only reason why I’m writing now, as opposed to, say, later, is because I just got a whole huge stack of new crap, mostly Black Lagoon and Cloth Road, which will suck up my time and are not really that interesting to review. In the event that fat stacks of cash drop on my lap, and if I suddenly have a bunch more time, I’ll read and/or write more about series I haven’t previously covered. Anyway, on with the show:

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