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Hunting whales from vanscooters

by dm00

The Dread Pirate Silvius

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver wingsepisode four made good use of the first series’ soundtrack as Fam bites off more than she can chew.

Send not to know for whom the pancakes rise, they rise for thee.

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Last Exile: Fam/ episode 3 Easter egg

by dm00

A familiar friend from the original series reappears

And there’s a promise of more friends from the past: we hear about a mysterious ship, the Silvius, perhaps a refitted Silvana. It looks to me as though they’ve retained the Silvana’s uniform, too.

PS., I love those toys. They’re just right for that time and that place, and a nice touch to give the world of the series a bit of added depth.

PPS., the aerial Obon candles were a nice touch, too.

Immelman Turn! ep 1 of Fam the Silver Wing in 10,001 pictures

by dm00

Welcome back, Dio. Click for insanely large .png (133 MB)

A more sane 14MB version

Update: checked my math. I blame the symmetry around the comma.

The Authors (with others, too.)

The Good Old Days

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