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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Maria – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

Another set of polls, another bit of toeing the line on madness. Let’s begin. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Maria – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

Last Exile: Fam/ episode 3 Easter egg

by dm00

A familiar friend from the original series reappears

And there’s a promise of more friends from the past: we hear about a mysterious ship, the Silvius, perhaps a refitted Silvana. It looks to me as though they’ve retained the Silvana’s uniform, too.

PS., I love those toys. They’re just right for that time and that place, and a nice touch to give the world of the series a bit of added depth.

PPS., the aerial Obon candles were a nice touch, too.

Last Exile Tuesdays

by dm00


Last month a confluence of events inspired a bunch of us over at a place where we like to hang out to watch Last Exile again, as a group. It’s a bit of an odd decision — it’s not like it is an anniversary or anything, it just seemed to be in the air. Coincidentally, we decided to do this just a few days before Gonzo announced its plans for a sequel (which was interesting, but most of us are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward that). One episode a week, just as though it were airing for the first time. We arbitrarily settled on Tuesday as the day.

Boy, that decision to watch just one episode a week is a difficult resolve to maintain. When the series doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, it ends with the promise that more will be revealed next episode. When that feather falls out of the whiteness, and the chorus starts the first notes of the ending music, I would (and still do) always catch my breath, still hungry for more.

The female lead, Lavie Head, is one of Chiwa Saito’s first major roles. She’s wonderfully mercurial and transparent — the anti-Senjougahara, the anti-Homura: everything is there written on her face, spelled out in the tone of her voice (it was a type that served her well in R.O.D. the TV and Pani Poni Dash). She is wonderful.

Her companion Claus, is idealistic, responsible, but still very clearly a kid, aware that he’s maybe in over his head but determined to see it through, to maintain the pride of the names Valca and Head.

One surprise is 14-year-old Kana Hanazawa’s few moments on the screen as Mad-thane’s daughter.

It has the wonderful Range Murata designs — half of them 30s concoctions of art deco, bakelite, and gunmetal, half of them gleaming futuristic Guild settings, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Sure, the series falls apart a bit toward the end (though it’s much better than most Gonzo shows in that respect) but it was a fantastic watch, and it is proving to be a fantastic rewatch.

We’re up to episode three. The world this takes place in is still a puzzle, with its Guild-refereed chivalric air-battles, its water-shortages, and its air-pirate captain lacking only a scar, a Skull-and-Crossbones painted on the prow of his ship, and a glass of wine in his hand (the linguistic leap from Arcadia to Silvana is short indeed).

Funimation is streaming it here if you don’t have a copy of this classic of your own.

Truly A Cloud Age Symphony

Thanks to the wonders of cable TV (albeit “extended” cable TV), I found myself watching Last Exile again.  Looking back on it, the show was pretty good, but it had it’s problems (better storytelling and maybe cutting out how our main sleepyhead somehow becoming a pimp in the middle might have made it awesome. The world may never know). What had the greatest impact for me, though Range Murata’s character designs (<3) were a plus, was the music. Save for the OP and insert songs by Shuntaro Okino (except “Head in the Clouds”, I really could care less about his stuff), the work of the trio (Yuki Yamamoto, Maki Fujiwara and Hitomi Kuroishi) known as Dolce Triade blew me away, making the Last Exile OST one of my favorite anime soundtracks ever.  It seems like a one-shot thing though, since nothing has been heard from the group afterwards; I really wonder what magic would be woven if those three could come together again. :3

Looking back at the past… Continue reading ‘Truly A Cloud Age Symphony’

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