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Slice of Life: A Writer’s Stagnation

Written by TheBigN

I was interested by Hidoshi’s recent post about Slice of Life shows and how they work for people who desire/don’t care much for closure, which definitely isn’t a sure thing when watching this genre (I myself am in the latter, but that’s another thing entirely). The heated responses (brilliant or terrible) to the ending of The Sopranos (a nice variation on the slice-o’-life ending, from what I heard) are indicative of that. 😀 I commented that most fans of the genre tend to focus on the journey taken throughout the show rather than what happens at the end, since the end is usually a continuation of the journey. Whether we like it or not, life goes on as normal, and it’s usually with some sadness that I finish experiencing slice-of-life material. To me, if the story is interesting, then it can go on forever as far as I’m concerned. But Hidoshi then remarked that sooner or later, things will get boring, and because people’s tastes and tolerance for boring things varies from person to person, I decided to think and write about what keeps me interested in the genre, in no preferential order. There has to be some reasons why I like shows that bore other people quickly (usually with cries such as, “Nothing’s Happening!” as my partner-in-crime sometimes says. :P) .

Does Kokone have a secret?

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Comforting Reflections on Manabi Straight

One of the things that I worry about (quite needlessly, really) is what I’m leaving behind when I graduate from college. Above all else, I will miss the comfort zone I felt like I spend a hard four years trying to solidly establish. It’s funny how change comes quickly, but compared to how I was when I started college, I feel more like I’m more ready to accept it. Surprisingly to me, most of this new calm feeling comes from finishing up Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! and seeing them go through the same thing in a much shorter time than I have. 😛

This would make for an interesting record cover - Mikan and the Mikanettes. :P

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So… do I put a cake on the blog?

So, by now, I’m about 30 minutes into now being old enough to drink, gamble and rent cars in the US (I turned 21. Yay.). I’m more of an “adult” legally than I have been before, and I’m not sure if I can handle that responsibility yet, notwithstanding that my graduation from college is imminent and I’ll soon be thrust into the unknown. Hopefully medical school can postpone real life for a little bit longer. 😛

Don’t be sad on my birthday, Sacchin.

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Manami Amamiya: The Last Great Visionary

Anyone can have an aspiration and eventually achieve it using hard work and guts. However, making others believe in the same goal is often much harder to do. One has to give the naysayers and skeptics a reason to follow them, a reason to see why they should place their time, effort and trust into that person’s belief. It’s hard to find people that do it as convincingly as Manabi does.

Our fearless leader having some delusions of grandeur.

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Is “nothing happening” okay?

At my anime club, I’m known for liking “everything” in terms of anime, but especially shows where “nothing happens”, as they say. It annoys me a little bit that I’ve earned that reputation for liking anime/manga such as Aria and YKK, but what bugs me a little bit more is that “nothing happening” seems to hold a negative connotation to it. I mean, stuff happens in those shows, but I guess the stuff happening isn’t what people want, or it doesn’t have any significance to them. However, that falls into a matter of taste, and I’m nowhere near cocky enough to complain about that. 😛 But I can talk about what I know, and I think that Manabi Straight episode 6 is a good example of what works for me.

Anger done right. I myself haven’t felt like that in a while.

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Manabi Straight: Thoughts So Far

Have you ever thought to yourself, “That’s some pretty damn good execution there”, when you finish watching an episode of anime? Where it seemed like that specific installment got the point across to you in a profound, unusually interesting, or really clever way? It’s happened to me many times before (such as with that epic Haruhi school festival episode or with a couple of episodes of Haibane Renmei), and it will continue to happen again to me, as evidenced with Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight episode 4. It reminded me why this show might become one of my favorites when it is done, why I like ufotable, and why I like anime in general.

Despair done right.

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