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Entranced By The Sound Of Many Voices

By TheBigN

The ED of Nichijou, “Zzz”, is one of my favorites of the season, with its combination of what I find to be “adorable” animation of Yuuko and Nano with no noticeable outlines walking and skipping to a general pop song that’s easy on the ears, along with an imaginary dream-like world along the way. However, the song isn’t one that easily stays on the ears by itself. At least until episode 7, where they decide remove most of the instrumentals, and just let Sayaka Sasaki‘s voice do the talking:

Suddenly, the music makes the imagery becomes a lot more adorable to me, and the song’s a cappella version becomes that more special and awesome to me as it takes a more jazzy tune.

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The Trump Cards Nichijou Holds For Me

By TheBigN

I was planning on watching Nichijou anyway, since the premise of the show with their comedic focus tends to be stuff that pique my interest. After watching the first episode, the humor is more or less hit or miss (more hit than miss so far), but the pacing of those jokes are quick enough that if one joke doesn’t work, it’s alright because it’s over quickly and chances the are that the next joke will be funny. The jokes and the characters themselves if you take them as they are so far won’t make this a memorable work for me, since as others have said, the concept has been done over and over again. That being said, what’s more important is less the fact that they reuse ideas, but how it’s done. In that sense, presentation plays a big part in our reception to this apparent variation of a “standard”, and Nichijou has those for me in the show’s animation and background music. Continue reading ‘The Trump Cards Nichijou Holds For Me’

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