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Revolutionary Girl Madoka Magica

by Link

Hey, I’m not dead yet.

As a frequent visitor to the SHAFT Bar & Girl, I was heavily intrigued the second I heard about rumors of the studio’s Power of Anime (Anime no Chikara, Aniplex’s now-defunct timeslot that pumped out three A-1 Pictures ventures of varying quality) series. Reports were swirling around of a SHAFT original cartoon, another promising entity.  Put two and two together and that makes for Akiyuki Shinbo’s possible next big hit. Remember that Aniplex funded their very successful Monstory (Bakemonogatari). This project came to be known as Puella Magi Magica Madoka, SHAFT’s upcoming original magical girl series, to be airing this January. Aniplex has brought together a dream team of Akiyuki Shinbo as director, Ume Aoki as original character designer, Gen Urobuchi as scriptwriter, Takahiro Kishida working on the adapted TV designs, and Yuki Kajiura composing the music. The official site unusually features voice samples, as visual novels often do, of all five core characters. This means they’re serious.

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