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Questions of Drastic importance

By Nomad(currently insanely hurried)Otto
Currently, I’m in the middle of finishing up everything that was left hanging until the end of the quarter, so I’ve been crazy-busy. Since I just beasted through something that I thought was going to take me all day, I have time for a brief post. It’s not my traditional discourse on some aspect of fandom, instead, I’d like to let the inmates run the asylum for a little while, or, to be less rude, I have some question for the readers of Drastic about what sort of things you guys would like to see (at least from this part of the drastic team).

A very special SAD point/counterpoint

By Nomadotto and Ottonomad
Nomadotto: A very happy singles’ appriciation/awareness day to all of you folks out there in lesser animeblogistan. You know, singles’ appriciation/awareness day (SAD, for short) is usually an excuse for all kinds for stupid behavior. Generally, SAD is somehow used as an excuse for indulging in all kinds of sentimentalist, emo behavior, something guarenteed to hurt personal growth down the path of GAR. Becuase you really can’t escape from the bombardment of sentimentality, there’s only way way to keep going strong, a massive dose of burning hotblood. To that end, I’d like to look at a couple of example cases, and suggest the proper, manly show to help the poor unfortunates. But wait, what’s this?

The Authors (with others, too.)

The Good Old Days

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